Game Thread: Stars at Red Wings – 5/17

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Dallas Stars at Detroit Red Wings
May 17, 2008 – 1:30 PM

15 thoughts on “Game Thread: Stars at Red Wings – 5/17”

  1. Stupid early game today, 1:30 start so that NBC can cut away at 4:30 to cover the Preakness. Those of you in Detroit will get to keep watching on WDIV if something as awful as overtime happens. Everyone else will have to scramble to find Versus for the carry-over coverage.

    Horses > Hockey, apparently.

    I’ll be around here for the whole ride today, I’ve got my laptop back and will be either virtually biting my nails or celebrating along with anyone else here.

  2. Great defensive play by Stuart, even with the penalty. Nice to see Mac stand up, too.

  3. I hate early games. But Ozzies’s starting well again, hope he can keep it up. Very similar start to the game as game 4.

  4. Damn! Turco’s been starting a lot of Dallas’s plays, and they came good on that one.

  5. Wings have been throwing some weird lines out there.

    Stars look tired to me. Some time to take advantage of that.

  6. Its quite obvious we need FRANZEN WOW… we lose the series w/out him… This would be a historic choke, I should’ve expected this. Shouldn’t have got my hopes up. Loving those people who said a sweep… I missed the first 2 periods thought it was a 330 start. Franzen better play game 7 or the old no heart euro statements are a flyin, not from me but canadians.

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