Game Thread: Red Wings at Predators – 4/20

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at Nashville Predators
April 20, 2008 – 3:00 PM

47 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Predators – 4/20”

  1. Let’s get this game over with so we can sit back and enjoy a passionate Detroit-Colorado series!

  2. It’s now 3:10. What’s the deal with this golf taking the place of the playoffs? Us fans shouldn’t have to watch this crap. The only people watching this should be the Predators after the game.

  3. Apparently NBC is sticking with golf until 3:15. Not sure if that means the start of the game is delayed or what. I hope so.

  4. Just read that it will be shown at 3:15 after coverage of the Pro-Am. They said the game will not be interrupted. So we will see the whole game live.

  5. Thank god Hoch missed that par putt, no playoff means NBC can cut to the game now.

  6. Preds are getting more rushes than the Wings. Turnovers are gonna kill them,

  7. Sammy mixing it up at the end there. He’s tired of this sh*t.

    And even the NBC guy thinks Nashville got away with one.

  8. Sammy took a double-minor at the end of the period. Because when Nashville is tough, it’s just good hockey, but when a Swede does it it’s evil. How dare he.

  9. Damn good thing Peverly f*cked up.

    Another power play, can’t keep blowing these.

  10. Make the momentum pay!

    Lidstrom should try from the defensive zone next time.

  11. I can’t believe they didn’t call a trip there. Bastards. Great chance by Datsyuk.

  12. Dispite the Preds getting away with a bunch of trips, Raffy ends it. f*ck yeah!

  13. Good road game win for the wings! What a great bounce on lidstrom’s shot! I thought the fourth line was awesome, good game Helm. Nashville played us tough but were getting beat up along the way, missing key players all season and even throughout this round.

  14. I’m gonna try to come up with some nice summary later but I’m totally wired again. This series was far too stressful.

  15. I stayed out of this one because I tried something new before the game.

    I ran a sim on NHL HITS PRO about an hour before the game started. Since the one I have is from 2003 I went in and setup the players attributes to match the current rosters. I even created new players so I was as close to today as possible

    I swear to you that the score was 3-0 with Rafalski getting an empty netter with 1:30 to go. Stevie Y and Cleary had the other two goals in second period.

    Not sure what it all means but it sounds like a plan fo the future!

  16. As of yesterday, Jason Arnott is doubtful for today’s game and David Legwand is questionable.…game_6_leg.html

    I won’t complain if they’re both out, I’ve got no feelings of “We need to beat this team at full strength or there will always be questions.” No one questioned Anaheim’s win in the WCF last year with Kronwall and Schneider out for Detroit. Take advantage of this and finish them off.

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