Game Thread: Sharks at Red Wings – 12/2

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San Jose Sharks at Detroit Red Wings
December 2, 2006 – 7:00 PM

14 thoughts on “Game Thread: Sharks at Red Wings – 12/2”

  1. One more win and we will have another streak going. We are coming off of a good win on the road, lets keep it up

  2. Ken cut him off, he started to talk about it and then Ken wisely changed the subject to the rulebook.

    Schneider!!!! and that one will count! :cursing:

  3. Me after the first goal: “Call that one back, bitches!”

    Much better period. Let’s hold onto this one!

  4. That was CRAP, looks like overtime!

    Here is our problem, we get too comfortable with the lead and we get lazy and blow it. Our defense has looked like complete garbage the entire third period. Too bad Macdonald was hung out to dry! :cursing: :cursing:

  5. Homer was no where near the crease, the netminder came out and bumped into him. The replay was clear and the goal should have counted. This is why the coaches need the ability to challenge calls like they do in the NFL. Instant replay on all goals!


  6. I’ve heard of bad calls, but that one takes the cake!!! :cursing:

    Other factors aside, that call cost us the game!

    The replay clearly showed that he was NOT in the crease.

  7. 19-35 SOG ridiculous

    Catmandu and I were saying the same thing, looking at the shot clock while waiting for people to file out.

    And I forgot to DVR the game, so I can’t say anything about the replay on the disallowed goal. If that’s the case… I don’t even know what to say. What a CF.

    I’m going to be reviewing every goal against the Wings for the rest of the season and if there’s anyone even near the crease, I’ll be pitching a fit.

  8. And Marleau opens up the scoring in under four minutes :cursing:

    two on one!!!


    Side note: Willy is in the game!

  9. Penalties like that bother me, we will take the powerplay but, that means that there will be a garbage call on us later. Just like that holding we just took on Homer :cursing:

    Side note # 2: I am beting on a fight

    Or the Bulls*it no goal :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    Oh crap, I hope Drapes is OK

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