Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 11/10

Open Game Thread

Nashville Predators at Detroit Red Wings
November 10, 2006 – 7:30 PM

3 thoughts on “Game Thread: Predators at Red Wings – 11/10”

  1. Had to listen to the majority of the game in the car on my way home. Nice to see that we have decided the number one spot in the central division, and the two oldest guys in the league are on a streak. Clark I have to agree about your stand on playing Nashville, I hate playing them as well excpet I really can’t stand Kariya or Tootoo. Always good to see them go down! :D

  2. I ended up having to miss the third to head to a soccer game. Always good when both my team and the Wings can pull out a big win over a tough team. :D

  3. I always hate games against Nashville, Hartnell and Tootoo just p*ss me off. Nice to see Tootoo get called on the “extracurriculars” on Maltby, those guys seem to get away with it a lot.

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