Game Thread: Canucks at Red Wings – 10/5

Open Game Thread

Vancouver Canucks at Detroit Red Wings
October 5, 2006 – 7:00 PM

5 thoughts on “Game Thread: Canucks at Red Wings – 10/5”

  1. Pregame is on and they’re referring to Lidstrom as the captain. He’s wearing the “A” in warmups. I couldn’t see who else had a letter.

  2. 5:00 into the season and we’ve already got reason to scream at the refs. This bodes so well :D

  3. Well that sucked. At least there’s the Tigers (and how weird does it seem to say that?).

  4. Ugh, Hasek’s not doing it. One game is not a season (and all that crap) but with all the questions and doubts, he needed to start strong.

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