Game Thread: Blues at Red Wings – 10/5

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St. Louis Blues at Detroit Red Wings
October 5, 2005 – 7:30 PM

4 thoughts on “Game Thread: Blues at Red Wings – 10/5”

  1. We’re only about three and a half hours away from the opening faceoff of the first “real” Red Wings game in over seventeen months, this is great. I’ve been kind of in this happy daze all day, ever since seeing a Molson “Hockey’s Back, We’ll Drink to That” commercial on ESPN this morning.

  2. Gotta say I’m surprised at the final tonight. The Blues were never in it, they just seemed like they were still playing the preseason. Wings were clicking. Dan Cleary had an incredibly strong night. It was good to see so few penalties compared to the preseason.

    With the chippy play at the end of the game, we’ll see what carries over to tomorrow.

  3. I missed all of the second period (having customer service issues with my cell phone). It was scary and exciting to see so many new and young faces on the Wings. And see them play well. It is a long season I know, but it’s good to see these guys get a good game under their belts right out of the gate.

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