Game Thread: Capitals at Red Wings – 11/24

Open Game Thread

Washington Capitals at Detroit Red Wings
November 24, 2003 – 7:30 PM

3 thoughts on “Game Thread: Capitals at Red Wings – 11/24”

  1. They came to the arena to watch the game. that’s what happened. They assumed they were gonna steamroll the capitals. They basically fed Cujo to the wolves by not giving him any D to help him.

  2. I agree.  Cujo has to be pretty stressed out.  He doesn’t get to play that often and he knows that when he does play he has to be good.  Otherwise, no one is going to pick him up and he’ll be stuck playing 1 game per month for the Wings.

    On the bright side, he can’t complain on Friday when he gets his paycheck!

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