On Larkin, Joseph, Benn, and Supplemental Discipline


Dylan Larkin deserves to be suspended for his punch to Tampa Bay’s Mathieu Joseph on Thursday night.  There’s no place for that in the game.

The problem, of course, is that there’s no place in the game for Joseph’s hit from behind on Larkin that precipitated the punch.  There’s no place in the game for the cross-check to Larkin’s neck from Jamie Benn that ended his season last spring.  Of the three incidents, though, the Department of Player Safety only thought one was deserving of a hearing.

We don’t know that Larkin wouldn’t have punched Joseph if Joseph’s hit on Larkin had been called and play blown dead.  Maybe he was mad enough that it didn’t matter what the officials did.  But we’ll never know, because the officials didn’t do their jobs, just like they didn’t do their jobs last spring.

What we know is that Larkin retaliated and was ejected for it.  What we know is that the Lightning scored twice while Givani Smith was in the penalty box serving Larkin’s major penalty, getting them back in the game when they seemed done.

You could argue that without those goals, it’s a very different game, one that Detroit might have even been able to win.

For Tampa, Joseph’s cheap-shot worked.  It removed Larkin from the game and, after all the power plays shook out, got them one more goal than Detroit.  There is no reason for them not to make that trade every single time.

In a league where protecting its stars is supposedly a priority, Larkin was hit in the neck twice in a span of about 30 minutes of game time with seemingly no punishments to the people who did it. When he took matters into his own hands, it may very well have cost his team the game. That’s a broken system.

Update, 6:05 PM: As expected, the Department of Player Safety announced a suspension for Larkin earlier today.

One game is less than I expected.


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  • I’d love to have a sit down with the head of player safety and ask the same questions. Both were wrong, but as Mickey pointed out, how can you get mad about a player retaliating for the same kind of hit that cost him the rest of last season? It wasn’t like the official didn’t have a clear view of the hit because the various camera angles show he had an unobstructed view. I can’t fault Larkin for doing what he did because the refs failed to do there job. With it being the second hit of a similar type, the Refs are not doing their job.

    Jon October 15, 2021 5:12 PM
  • We don’t even know if Dylan is 100% after the Joseph hit. But well played by Lightning. If that’s the system, go out and a cheap shot.
    If Dylan lays there motionless after being does this turn out different?

    Barry Aberle October 15, 2021 6:46 PM
  • Did it?

    the HUH October 15, 2021 11:42 PM