Trademarks Filed for Las Vegas Desert Knights, Silver Knights, Golden Knights


Just hours after the owner of the NHL’s coming expansion team in Las Vegas, Bill Foley, confirmed to Amber Dixon of NBC Las Vegas that his organization was the one who had registered domains related to the name “Las Vegas Desert Knights” – a name that I first speculated on earlier this week – three trademarks filed by his organization were published to the United States Patent and Trademark Office Database.

On August 23, Black Knight Sports and Entertainment – Foley’s company – registered Las Vegas Desert Knights, Las Vegas Silver Knights, and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Variants where “Las Vegas” is replaced by “Vegas” were also registered.

It’s worth noting that Foley’s organization does not seem to own any domains related to the Golden Knights name.

The Las Vegas organization had previously stated that they owned domains and trademarks related to Las Vegas Silver Knights.  The Silver Knights domains were registered privately in April – possibly by Black Knight Sports and Entertainment – but we now know that they did not own the trademarks at that time.

On August 11, Foley said that – in addition to three Hawk-related names – two more names had yet to be filed.  Desert Knights is the only name with domain registered since that date.

Update (8:25 AM): It might be worth noting that, while and (for example) do not have DNS properly configured to deliver an actual site, currently redirects to a “For Sale” page.

I never thought the timeline on the Silver Knights domains made sense, as those were privately registered in April, then the Hawks-related domains were publicly registered in July.  Why go private, then back to public, then private again (for the Desert Knights domains)?

I think that Foley doesn’t actually own the Silver Knights domain (remember, he said he owned the trademark earlier this month when it clearly wasn’t filed until this week).  That would make Desert Knights the only name that he owns both the trademark and the domain for.

Let me be clear, that part is just my speculation based on acting differently from the other Foley-owned domains.

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  • Clark, this is an interesting development you found.

    I would say based on a little research and assuming the name is Silver or Desert Knights (Golden just makes zero sense to me).

    You are correct, Foley & Company do not own the important Silver Knight(s) domains. Them Being the obvious Vegas, Lv etc in that order.

    They MAY own the Desert Knight domains of the best caliber as mentioned above but no way to know. Either way the need to own Vegas and LV etc.

    Golden Knights domains seem to be scattered, you are correct but honestly Golden Knights, no way that wins any poll.

    What Foley needs to do is buy these names before the owner(s) become aware, professional sports teams generally will pay $150,000-$300,000 for ONE domain so time is of the essence.

    Thank you again Clark for all your research and article, much props to you.

    Ralph August 27, 2016 2:48 PM
    • Last night he confirmed to NBC Las Vegas via text that he was the one who bought the Desert Knights domains. They appear to be the only ones he actually owns. That’s why I think that’ll be the final name. But I could be wrong about Silver Knights, or some new evidence could come up down the road.

      Clark Rasmussen August 27, 2016 2:59 PM
  • My money is on golden knights. Think about it, its the only one than wasn’t leaked prior to this at any point. They’re trying to squeak the name by when everyone’s attention is focused on desert/silver/nighthawks

    Squilliam August 27, 2016 9:44 PM
  • So your theory is they will try to sneak by the name (Golden Knights) that we all now know about, next to no one likes, I mean single digit % votes in polls. Is an old failed team name already and rivals will hold up Golden Shower signage at games?

    If they use Golden Knight then that team is the most idiotic group of men a room has seen.

    For a long time now we grew to like an accept Silver Knights, Desert is interesting but he will no doubt piss (no pun intended) the fans off by going Golden Shower. The man says he listens to the fans, we’ll see.

    Fred August 28, 2016 2:32 AM
    • Yup. That’s my theory. And the colors will be a spin the West Point uniform colors. Golden knights are the army’s parachute team, and this is a man who has such a huge boner for everything related to the Army/West Point we’re talking about.

      Squilliam August 28, 2016 12:00 PM
  • As mentioned above, Foley/Black Knight does not own any Golden Knights domains. I’ve also since confirmed that he does not own any Silver Knights domains, even though he said earlier this month that he did. This leaves Desert Knights, since he’s said he won’t buy domains from speculators.

    Alternately, since he said he owned Silver Knights and he doesn’t actually, he’s been lying the whole time. That could mean there are some other names in the works or it could mean he’s willing to buy the domains he needs from speculators.

    Clark Rasmussen August 28, 2016 8:06 AM
    • The man Foley needs to open his pockets and make his fans happy, time is ticking away and his greedy behavior in wanting to use a $12 name has cost him more than he would have been making if he just paid for a name and had merchandise out by now. Make me wonder how he got to where he is when he clearly never heard the term “time is money”. I would bet he has lost far more than $XXX,XXX due to this nonsense.

      And if he names a Silver State team anything but Silver he needs to have his capacities tested by a professional.

      KacyD August 28, 2016 3:16 PM