Postgame: Red Wings @ Lightning – Game 2


There might be stats that show that this game was close. I don’t know, I turned my TV off once it was over and I’m not looking it up. At the very least, the Wings had a good amount of shots, so based on that you might say they were right in it until the end.

But lets be serious here: The Lightning – without Stamkos, without Stralman – have yet to have a reason to be afraid of the Red Wings. If you’re a Wings fan (and if you’re reading this, I imagine you are), you’re probably holding your breath every other shift that Tyler Johnson spends in the Detroit zone. But if you’re, for some reason, a Lightning fan, is there anyone or any line or any situation that worries you like that?

The Red Wings just don’t look like a threat out there.

That said, they always say it’s not a series until one team wins on the road. Nevermind the fact that the Wings will lose the series if they only win at home, but we come back to Detroit for Game Three on Sunday and with home ice the Red Wings have a chance to get right back in the series.

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