Postgame: Red Wings @ Sabres – 11/2


It’s so cliche to say that it shouldn’t have mattered.

The high-powered Red Wings vs. the hapless Sabres. One goal called back in Buffalo’s favor shouldn’t have made a difference, right? Detroit should have put five or six up on these guys, no problem.

That may be true. The Red Wings looked awful on Sunday night. They looked like a team that didn’t deserve to win.

That said, another cliche is “They don’t ask how, just how many.” Just because Detroit was seemingly the better team heading in doesn’t mean they were required to win “better” than Buffalo. All they had to do was score more goals.

And they did score more goals. Except for one thing…

“Number 93 from Detroit had his feet in the crease. No goal.”

The problem with that, though, is that there’s no rule against having your feet in the crease.

It shouldn’t have mattered. Sure. But playing poorly doesn’t mean you should have to play by different rules.

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