Postgame: Red Wings @ Flyers – 10/25


I wasn’t able to focus on much of the Red Wings’ 4-2 loss in Philadelphia last night due to hosting a Halloween party. I had it on in the background and the one thing that kept popping into my head was that it felt like every mistake Detroit made ended up behind Jonas Gustavsson. I don’t know if the stats back that up, I’m not going to go back and look, but it was the feeling I got.

The other obvious stuff…

Had to know the penalty kill streak would end but with the power play so awful, it was nice to at least have a perfect PK to balance it out.

Now that the PK isn’t perfect, can we please get a frikkin’ PPG? Or any goals? The Wings have scored more than two goals precisely once twice this season, once against the Maple Leafs and once in their ridiculous comeback against Pittsburgh.

They’re off until Wednesday now so that’s time to work on some of this.

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