Playoff Predictions: 2014 Division Finals


I went five-for-seven in the first round (opting not to pick a winner for the Boston/Detroit series), which is better than I expected. I guess that means I should do this again for Round Two. Once again, no explanations, just picks.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild
Blackhawks in 5

Anaheim Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings
Kings in 6

Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens
Bruins in 6

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Rangers
Rangers in 7

For the record, the only series I was 100% right about in the first round was Los Angeles over San Jose in seven games. I had Pittsburgh over Columbus but predicted seven games instead of six, the Rangers over Philadelphia in a sweep instead of seven games, Chicago over St. Louis in five instead of six, and Anaheim over Dallas in four instead of six. I was totally off in picking Tampa Bay over Montreal and Colorado over Minnesota.

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