Red Wings go from being the Dead Things to seeing what the East brings


This season has seen it all. Another lockout. The first post-Lidstrom era season. No chemistry to players disappearing after not being able to shut their mouths to the media. About 3 dozen defensemen and nearly as many rookies.

Zetterberg’s era dawning…

Wings fans should be proud.

Yeah those that don the winged wheel are done until fall and some won’t be back, others not yet with the crest upon their chest will come to be.

Griffins will come up, hopefully players like Damien Brunner and Gustav Nyquist will return.

Mike Babcock will return – sorry Rangers fans I know you think for some bizarre reason that he is going to just jump ship and try to right your sinking one.

Detroit entered their biggest rebuild in the past two decades and came out far better than any expert predicted.

Before break up day hits take a moment to really look at what this team pulled off this year and get some distance from losing to the Chicago Blackhawks not only once but twice in a Game Seven.

Next year is new. New for all. Realignment is coming and though people want to say it is the end of Chicago and Detroit the fans know it isn’t. It’s been going on since the start of the NHL, it won’t be the same, but it won’t go away.

Chicago will now be that annoying “only team in the West that ever gets games on national coverage.”

Little Brother. Your time has come.

As Big Brother has been too old for too long the Wings are now young again – almost Phoenix like (no not the Coyotes that is another issue for another day) but from the ashes the Red Wings have been reborn.

A young team is going to take this team to the East.

A young team is now going to renew rivalries with old friends… old Canadia(/e)n friends. The battles with the Habs and the Leafs are around the bend. The Winter Classic is finally coming.

Detroit leaves Chicago to dominate the west while they forge forward to invade the east.

Get ready. Detroit is ready to bring their game.

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