Postgame: Stars @ Red Wings – 2/14


Setting a new NHL record for consecutive home wins doesn’t mean much in the long run. There’s still a massive battle for the Central Division underway. The Red Wings are still a .500 team on the road. The games that really matter don’t start for two more months.

That said, it’s incredibly cool to see. Twenty-one wins in a row at home is something no team in NHL history has ever done. In a league that’s been around this long, anytime you can do that is something special. It is a legitimate historical moment.

It’s also two important points on a night the St. Louis Blues lost. It’s another big win for Joey MacDonald, who looks more and more like the Red Wings’ backup goalie once Jimmy Howard returns. It’s more scoring from their top players (Zetterberg, Hudler) and their defense (Stuart).

Things I liked:
Detroit got out to a fantastic start and owned things early. They capitalized on chances and got the 2-0 lead. No need to fight back tonight.

Things I didn’t like:
Whether because the Wings let up or otherwise, the Stars really came on in the third. That could have been dangerous but the Wings rode it out.

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