Postgame: Red Wings @ Flames – 1/31


As important as the Red Wings’ win in Calgary tonight was, as road wins have been tough to come by this season, it really wasn’t that great of a game.

I mentioned that the play in the second period was “scrambly” and that I thought the Flames would score if it kept up. I don’t know if that was a result of the Red Wings’ mindset at the time or the fact that the lines were all jumbled up again but, thankfully, I was wrong about the outcome.

Aside from the final score, quite honestly I think the best part of the night was Calgary’s tribute to Brad McCrimmon. The Flames join the list of teams who honored the victims of the Lokomotiv crash better than the Red Wings did.

One thing that Calgary should have done is used their retro alternate jerseys for their warm-up tribute. The alts are modeled after the jersey McCrimmon actually wore with the Flames.

What I would have loved to see is Detroit come out for the warm-up in a set of McCrimmon #2 sweaters (with those jerseys added to the charity auction, of course). Too much to ask, I know.

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