Wings – ‘Hawks a Great Game Despite Outcome


Quite a few hours later and I’ve still gotta say, today’s game was one of the better ones we’ve seen all season.

That is as a hockey game, of course. There have been better outcomes for the Wings and there have been better games for the Wings but both Detroit and Chicago played a fantastic game this afternoon.

I can only complain that it had to go to a shootout, but even then Pavel Datsyuk and Todd Bertuzzi provided a couple highlight-reel goals. It doesn’t take away from my dislike of the tiebreaker but I’ve always said the shootout is fun to watch and those two didn’t disappoint.

I’m sure the Wings would have preferred to get two points. I would have preferred it, too, but if today’s game had to be a Detroit loss then that was a fantastic way for things to go.

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