One Game at a Time, Starting Now


It’s been a quiet week around here while a lot of other places have been buzzing with pre-series storylines. I don’t bother with that ’cause I (finally) learned last year to take the playoffs one game at a time.

Around these Intarwebs the Blue Jackets seem to be a pretty sexy pick for first-round upset. I can see why people would say that, it makes for a good story. If you don’t have a stake in the Wings’ success why wouldn’t you go for the great underdog story. Having finally made the playoffs the young, scrappy Blue Jackets are stuck going against the defending champion Detroit Red Wings, led by their core of evil players who sign long-term, low-cap-hit contracts and refuse to fight.

I don’t buy it but I’m not expected to, I’ve got my rooting interest in this one.

So bottom line? I don’t care about the stories. Just like last year, this is one game at a time. Starting in about 97 minutes.

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