Red Wings – Predators: What Just Happened?


This loss is a little hard for me to explain because it feels like a typical Nashville win. Two power play goals and two goals off of lucky breaks / broken plays.

It feels like the Predators never had any pressure on the Wings all game. Solid defense, of course, and they were playing defensively as the momentum shifted.

Nashville seemed content to sit back and wait for a break to go their way, and then one did when Jonathan Ericsson ran into Tomas Kopecky and lost the puck. It’s like if I were to sit here at my computer saying “I’m gonna stay here until a bag of cash falls into my lap” and then it works.

By all accounts, the Red Wings should have won Sunday afternoon. But they didn’t. Them’s the breaks, I guess. The painful, ridiculous, annoying breaks.

If you want good news to take out of it, at least Detroit showed up to this one, unlike Friday night. So while it may be two losses in a row, they’re two drastically different losses.

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