Pre-Playoff Hiatus Ends


The twelve of you that actually read this might have noticed I’ve been quiet for the past couple days. With the playoffs around the corner, the blogs and MSM have been buzzing with series previews and award predictions but I’ve been silent.

After the Wings finished off the ‘Hawks on Sunday, I decided to take a hiatus. Three days off to prepare for the playoffs. I pledged to myself to get other work done and spend some time relaxing, trying not to think much about hockey. And it worked. Almost down to the hour.

Last night I had a dream of Game One. Detroit (wearing awful-looking “alternate” jerseys that don’t actually exist) scored early and at some point Nashville tied it up. Chris Chelios scored from down low in the second period, with the Predators tying it again almost immediately, with the puck bouncing in a physics-denying manner (it was a dream, after all).

The Preds seemed to score again but it was while one of their players was slamming the Detroit goalie (who I think was supposed to be Osgood) to the ice in a move that belonged in the WWE more than the NHL. The good news is that the Nashville goon was ejected for it, hopefully a sign that the officiating won’t be completely useless.

I woke up at that point and looked at my alarm clock. 3:30. At least I’d made it to Thursday.

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