Red Wings – Blues Game Thoughts


Game recaps can be found elsewhere for this one. While I like to do mine – whether in blog or article form – I just don’t have the motivation tonight. Instead, some random thoughts.

Since donning the full facial shield, Dallas Drake has been invisible. I wonder if he shouldn’t take the rest of his recuperation period off. He’s not happy with the shield and he’s not playing well with it, just step away and let Downey take his spot until Drake can play the way he wants to play.

Hasek could have had the last three St. Louis goals. Babcock said after the game that pulling him was about the team, not about the goalie, but I’m not sure how much I believe that. I firmly believe there’s a goalie contoversy brewing.

I still only saw one of the calls that gave the Blues their five-on-three. Thanks, Versus, for stupid on-bench interviews where the coaches never say anything insightful. Much better use of time than for replays that could allow people to better understand the game.

I’m sure I could think of more, but it’s late and I just don’t care enough about the game to keep looking. Sorry.

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