West Coast Woes


As I write this, it’s the third period of the Red Wings’ Thursday-night matchup with the Sharks. I’m not even watching the game at this point, it’s on the TV in front of me but Mario Kart DS is more important. I think that’s the attitude the Wings have, too.

They haven’t played defense since about 5:00 remained in the third. The Sharks have been able to control the puck, something the Wings usually pride themselves on.

Part of it is coaching. At some point, a timeout should have been called. Hasek should have come out before the eighth goal. Anything!

Another part of it is just luck. As Ken Daniels and Larry Murphy pointed out after San Jose’s ninth goal, the Sharks got the bounces they needed. On that goal, the puck bounced off of Chris Osgood and just hovered at the goal line until it could be put home.

Detroit didn’t get chances like that. None of their three goals were off the shaft of the goalie’s stick, as San Jose’s first goal was.

Getting their fourth goal after the Sharks scored nine-straight could be seen as the Wings not giving up. Unfortunately, it’s more likely a sign of the Sharks finally quitting, knowing the game was in hand.

With games both nights this weekend, we’ll see how Detroit bounces back from this.


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