Guest Editorial: Brendan on Broadway


To all the Red Wing fans who wanted to see Shanny gone, I hope you come to regret that wish.

To all the Red Wing fans who are brokenhearted to see the best power forward of the last decade to leave Hockeytown, I send my condolences.

But time marches on and so too has Brendan Shanahan. I secretly wished for Shanahan to become a Ranger for a very long time but I dismissed it as impossible. Brendan Shanahan would never come to the hapless New York Rangers, the team the whole league loves to hate! He would retire a Red Wing and take over as Captain after Steve Yzerman retired. I am happy to say that for Ranger fans, I was very much surprised and mistaken. I am sad to say for Detroit fans that the negative comments I have read on numerous Wings message boards may have been what drove Shanny away.

Well you may say that the Rangers once again are signing an aging veteren in a futile attempt to be a winning team. Well, that is no longer the case. The Rangers were a winning team and were one point away from the Atlantic Division title until the injury bug decimated them at the end of last season. They relied upon their one trick work horse (Jaromir Jagr). Their lack of scoring depth killed them in the playoffs.

Brendan Shanahan brings scoring depth on the left side and from the point on the power play. Brendan Shanahan brings veteran leadership to the young players on the Rangers. Brendan Shanahan brings class and a commitment to play his best for the New York Rangers, as he always did for all the teams he has played for in the past.

At the end of the day, I don’t care if Brendan scores 40 goals or 25 goals. He brings a dimension to the Rangers that they have been lacking. I hope for Brendan’s sake he does well in New York. Ranger fans really know how to express their appreciation for their cherished players.

Welcome to the Big Apple, Shanny! I hope to see you enjoy the Rangers Stick Raising Salute to the Fans after each Ranger home victory, learn the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” and hear the Irish Jig after every goal you score at the Garden!

Cead Mile Failte Brendan Shanahan
(Irish for A Thousand Welcomes)

Marg Hurley is a frequent guest writer for the HockeyRodent, a member of the DetroitHockey.Net andHockeybird communities, and devoted fan of Brendan Shanahan.

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