• I can understand Columbus fans being upset with Maltby’s hit on Klesla, but to be chanting “Red Wings Suck, Red Wings Suck” while your guy is still lying on the ice it really frikkin’ classless. Show your guy some support you morons.

    And what is it with that phrase? You hear it all over the place when the Wings are on the road. Only once have I heard Wings fans chanting that something sucks. Is everyone else just more hateful? I’ve never heard of arenas where fans chant “Avalanche Suck” or “Devils Suck” so it can’t just be Detroit’s success.

    Anyway, about the hit… I don’t care what Gerard Gallant says, Maltby couldn’t have seen that the door was open. Yeah, it was open for 4 seconds. But you know what? You could open a door that I’m not looking at for half an hour and I still won’t see that it’s open. Idiot.

    Clark Rasmussen April 1, 2004 4:35 AM
  • Yeah, and here I had been thinking that the Jackets had some of the classier fans in the NHL. Silly me!

    The thing Mr. Gallant said about how Maltby must have known the door was open because his linemates were going for a change is a little ridiculous too, since half the time the Wings don’t even bother to open the door but just jump over the boards instead.

    Comparing this accident to the Bertuzzi hit is the gutless action, if you ask me. At least the NHL seems to agree with me for once, since no suspension has been handed down.

    Jenny Wilson April 2, 2004 11:46 AM