• Another stellar performance by the TOP DOG in Motown !  Keep Hasuck on the roster till the March deadline, then send his ASS packing !

    Any news on when the drunken Windsor boy is coming out of rehab?

    hockeymomX2 January 3, 2004 2:46 AM
  • Truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it?

    We can talk smack about one of the greatest Wings of all time:  Sergei Fedorov.

    But let’s not talk about the current Wings !

    FYI:  CuJo has NOW surpassed Hasuck in wins this season.  And the number will continue to grow.

    hockeymomX2 January 3, 2004 8:59 AM
  • Excellent thread! and i’m glad HM is here to make my job easier. I agree 100% with most of her stuff and the ones that don’t are the “Fans” that can see no wrong in any Wing. They act like they know them personally. Don’t sweat J Neighbor,HM he’s the guy who said he was Beliveau from the Mlive site and I found out he isn’t and he never did explain when I called him out on it,why he would lie about that and why is he scared to use his/her screen name. he’s not worth the time to reply to. :o

    Shadyrock January 3, 2004 10:26 AM
  • Two different seasons, with two entirely different teams.

    CuJo didn’t receive the goal support Hasuck did in the 1st round.  He played horrible those first two games against the Canucks.  4 goals against the first game, and I believe 4 goals against the second game.  Lidstrom’s 90 foot slapshot turned the tide of that series.  Couple that with Yzerman’s heroics.  

    CuJo’s post season consisted of a first game 2 OTs.  And 1 goal scored in 90 some minutes of hockey.  6 goals scored in all in 4 games.  While only allowing 8.

    The Wings played tired hockey last post season.  Yzerman could barely stand, let alone skate.  The wonder trio of Datsyuk, Hull, and Zetterberg were invisible.  Shanahan and Fedorov seemed to go through the motions.  Schneider was new to the system.  Chelios’s age was showing.  Lidstrom didn’t record a point.  Draper and Maltby were outplayed by a trio of rookies and journeymen.  Wasn’t McCarty in rehab then  :o  or was he having the DT’s?  I think he went to rehab directly after game 4.  Lewis was absolutely outcoached by a rookie coach in Babcock !  And all Kocur could do was give us that stupid gapped grin on the bench.  Dandennaults bonehead play of not touching the puck on a penalty lead to a goal.  That game was 2-1 if I recall right.  A GAA of 2 was pretty #### good !

    hockeymomX2 January 4, 2004 8:08 AM
  • Cujo has been playing well as of late.  Had he played better last season, perhaps he wouldn’t be in the pickle that he’s finding himself in now.

    Cujo played 61 games for the Wings last year and won 34 of those games (56% of games played).  During this time he allowed 2.49 goals per game and had 5 shutouts.

    Hasek played 65 games for the Wings in the previous year and won 41 of those games (63% of games played).  During this time he allowed 2.17 goals per game and had 5 shutouts.

    So far this season, Hasek still has a better GAA at 2.20 compared to Cujo’s 2.31.  They’ve both played and won about the same amount of games this season.  I think Cujo now has a one game edge.  So, Hasek, after taking a year off, still has a better GAA than Cujo.

    Cujo is a good goalie, no questions about that, but I think that the Wing’s organization saw an opportunity to capitalize on a better goaltender for the season and seized it.  Now, if Hasek could only get this groin thing sorted out…

    eyetricks January 4, 2004 12:37 PM
  • Hasek to the Flyers for some of that Size and one of their Goalies.

    Shadyrock January 5, 2004 12:47 PM