• Well said

    WhizKid07 December 5, 2003 1:25 AM
  • Well said

    Whizkid, your a man of few words but I like those ones. Thanks. :D

    Shadyrock December 5, 2003 2:28 AM
  • Leave it to the Wings to wait until the third period before they start pouring on the offense!  And leave it to Chris Osgood to wait until the third period before he turns into swiss cheese.

    Dom looked a little shaky at the beginning of the game and didn’t face too many shots…. should they have played Legace due to the win streak that he’s had lately?

    eyetricks December 5, 2003 4:41 AM
  • Eyetricks I believe Legace should have played. They should have seen what Legace really has as far as Endurance goes.

    I can see Lewis bowing down to Hasek though if Hasek said he wanted to play. But why risk 8 mill? Hasek should get the rest while Legace is hot. Well we always have another 8 Million dollar man in GR if Hasek goes down.

    Shadyrock December 5, 2003 5:07 AM
  • Eyetricks:

    It still boils down to selfishness on Hasek’s part.  He had no remorse or feelings for what he was doing to CuJo and his family.  He left on top of the world (which by-the-way he wanted).  I know hockey is a business first and a form of entertainment second.. but please !  Show some human compassion for your fellow man !  CuJo has been nothing but a show of professionalism and grace during this debacle.  Hasek knew full well that coming back was going to create a problem in the locker room, but he didn’t seem to care !  CuJo is listed has one of the top 10 all-time winning goalies in the NHL.  He put the Leafs on his back in the post season a few years back to carried them to the Eastern conference finals.  And you can say what you want about him “stealing” games last Spring.. but, with the team he had in front of him with the Wings, he didn’t or shouldn’t have had that label even affixed near his name.  Think back !  Luc hits the back of the net rather than the crossbar in game 1.. 2nd OT.  And I believe the Wings prevail and take the series.  CuJo also stood on his head during that game, but all we heard about was Giggy.  Fedorov wins the draw vs Kariya and we might still be playing !  Don’t confuse Hasek’s competiveness with greed and selfishness.  Shady was right !  You didn’t hear the Sabres crying when he left.  Think about what they traded for him.  Kozlov !  Who has since moved on to where (Atlanta?)  Wing’s fans shouldn’t fool themselves, Hasek isn’t the messiah this year.  Good luck to CuJo !  A true class act in a time where professional athletes are classless !

    hockeymomX2 December 6, 2003 4:54 AM
  • Hasek is a selfish.. ME ! ME ! ME ! individual !  He is only here to “pimp” his new clothing line !

    hockeymomX2 December 6, 2003 5:22 AM
  • Here is something to think about…. YOU get an $8 million job offer.  Taking it will lead to the firing of the current person in the job.  Would you rather take the $8 million and put someone out of a job or be a NICE guy and stay at your current job while not “rocking the boat”.

    I think Hasek is doing it partly for the money, its hard not to want to earn that type of cash if you are still able to compete.  Another reason though is that I think he is the kind of guy who was bored out of his mind during his year of “retirement”.

    So if the Wings wanted to be nice to Cujo, when Hasek decided to return to the game, they could have traded his rights… Maybe you’d rather see Hasek behind Selanne, Sakic, Forsberg, Foote and the boys out in Denver?  I’m sure they would have loved to have him!

    Wings made the right call.  Cujo is a good goalie, no arguments there, but he is NOT the right guy for this Wings team.  If he was so great in Toronto, why don’t they take him back??

    eyetricks December 6, 2003 6:39 AM
  • Eyetricks:

    We all know Hasek did it for the money !  Even if he was “bored outta his mind” being retired.  What he did was ruthless and in my opinion, classless.  He took his money, glory, and azz and bolted back to the motherland.. leaving the Wings to fill a void between the pipes. In turn, the Wings signed the best goalie available.. CuJo !  He not only juked the Wings when he retired, but he juked CuJo when he announced his “un” retirement.  He knew coming back would create a log jam in net for the Wings.  By doing this, he has created turmoil and descention in the locker room.  Don’t forget.. the 20 players in that locker room are humans too !  I’m sure CuJo bonded with teammates (many of them have played at different levels with him).  Doesn’t matter where you work, people develop friendships and tend to take sides.  If the Wings were a young team this diversion would have been deadly !  And why would the cheap Leafs re-sign CuJo when they have Belfour in net?  Do you think they want the same turmoil in their locker room?  The Wings owned Hasek and his contract.  They could have done the right thing by keeping CuJo and not decide to re-sign Hasek and allow him to stay in the Czech republic.  After this year, if Hasek wanted to return.. he could have and basically been a free agent (who hasn’t played a minute in almost two years).  Don’t let Hasek between the pipes fool you.  I hope I’m wrong in saying this.. but I don’t think he will lead this current group of Wings to the promise land either !  Maybe retiring 5 or 7 years ago, but not at 38 and not playing for over a year.

    hockeymomX2 December 6, 2003 6:54 AM
  • Hasek is a selfish.. ME ! ME ! ME ! individual !  He is only here to “pimp” his new clothing line !

    Big pimpin Hasek, I like it. He is one selfish player. His teammates hated him in Buffalo. No one cried when he left. He is showing his true colors by doing something like this to Cujo when he didn’t need to. He has more money than he will ever need. I think he came back to shake off the In Line skating brawl where he used his stick on a guy. he couldn’t let people remember him for that so he returned to shine the light on a comeback. The Wings should have traded him to the Flyers for Roenick or one of their premier players.

    Shadyrock December 6, 2003 7:15 AM
  • Hasek is one of the top goalies in the league and is a true competitor.  I’m not sure what his relationship is with the rest of the team on a personal level, but I can tell you this.  The teams plays a little more confident in front of Hasek than they do in front of Cujo.

    I’m sure he did it last season, but when did Cujo ever STEAL a game for the Wings?  He certainly didn’t do so in the playoffs against the Mighty Ducks, but I think that the offense is more to blame than the defense in that debacle, so I’ll let him off the hook for that one.

    eyetricks December 6, 2003 9:15 AM
  • I probably would have gone with Legace to both reward him for his excellent play as of late and to rest Dom another game.

    But, you are right Shadyrock, it would be hard for Lewis if his starting goaltender was in his office telling him that he wanted to be on the ice.

    eyetricks December 6, 2003 12:31 PM
  • Hasek’s got an ego unparalleled in size. He’s also got the front office and the coaches eating from his hands. What Hasek wants, Hasek gets.

    WhizKid07 December 8, 2003 1:20 AM
  • Hasek never impressed me with his play nor demeanor when he arrived in Hockeytown.  He basically informed Scotty he wanted to play 95% of all games during the regular season.  He seemed aloof towards his teammates, and very conceited !  Shady mentioned in an earlier post you didn’t see or hear the Sabres crying when they supposively lost the “best” tender of all time.  Then when the Wings won the cup and he announced he was retiring when the Wings organization had no netminder to take his place.  Then after a year of being retired, he denounces his decision and creates a upheaval within the Wings organization again.  To me, that seems selfish.  Take off the rose-colored glasses neighbor.. Hasek is not the messiah between the pipes for the Wings this year.

    hockeymomX2 December 8, 2003 12:34 PM
  • I wonder how big of a fit Hasek would have if Holland asked if he would waive his no Trade contract?

    Shadyrock December 10, 2003 1:55 AM
  • Does Make one wonder doesn’t it?

    Now with the Injured piling up, and CUJO is needed… HE better play like this is his team. We’re paying him 8 mil for Cripes sake.

    MANNY twisted his knee. CHELLI twisted his worse, out 3-4 weeks. STUMPY having something done to his knee out 4-6 weeks. SHEESH…BRING most of GR down and It’s a M*A*S*H unit!  :laugh:

    We’re gonna get to see Kronwall and another kid, + one of the BACKUP in GR, besides CUJO. SHEESH will the HOCKEY GODS please consider this our sacrifice now?  LET us have YZERMAN back????????

    Drapesfan33 December 10, 2003 12:33 PM
  • Hudler got his first NHL goal tonight off a nice feed from Wooley (who I thought was going to get a goal a couple of times during the game).  Hudler has a nice shot and I can see why they think that he could potentially be a good player.

    I’m amazed at the young talent that has worked its way through the Red Wings system.

    eyetricks December 11, 2003 3:40 AM