• The NHL is reaping what it has sown.  Their refusal to call clutching and grabbing is allowing the Ducks to slow down Fedorov and Zetterberg and Datsyuk and out-wait the Wings for boring wins.  I hope the league is happy when no one is watching a Minnesota – Ottawa trap-fest Cup Finals.

    Not saying the officials are the lone reason for the Wings being down 0-2 – Detroit’s had chances they should have taken advantage of to put the Ducks away – but the calls have been uneven.  It’s a penalty to hook Kariya but not Datsyuk.

    Clark Rasmussen April 12, 2003 9:40 AM
  • Oh boy, Ottawa vs. Minnesota, how exciting! I’ll be sure to watch. Grrr. I thought they WANTED a big TV contract? Oh wait, I know, they can use some gimmicks! They can pick one unmarried hockey player from each game and have 25 single women from the arena compete for his affections during the intermission breaks! Why bother to create a decent base product when you can just spice it up with gimmicks???? Never mind that most people who actually understand the game would rather see Datsyuk and Zetterberg freak out the opponents with their passing, or see Darren McCarty beat the crap out of someone. Nope, it’s all about the “entertainment” factor……

    Some idiot at yesterday’s game kept yelling “We want Dom!” He was very drunk and a lot bigger than me, so I refrained from asking him if that’s what he was saying after Game 2 LAST year.

    Jenny Wilson April 13, 2003 2:18 AM