Game Thread: Islanders at Red Wings – 4/3


Open Game Thread

New York Islanders at Detroit Red Wings
April 3, 2003 – 8:00 PM


  • So, this young goalie DiPietro comes out of nowhere, the Islanders’ management annoints him Goalie Of The Future, and they trade Chris Osgood to the horrible, embarrassing, classless St. Louis Blues, who abuse him by leaving him no decent defense. The Islanders, meanwhile, start DiPietro against Detroit, in a vital game, and he gets shell-shocked, and then they don’t even pull him! Hmmm, if I was GM of a team struggling to make the playoffs, and would be facing the Sens if I DID manage to make it in, would I want a playoff-tested goalie or Garth Snow and a hotshot rookie? I hope the Isles’ GM has a few sleepless nights over this boneheaded move! I know it’s not DiPietro’s fault these dealings went down as they did, but I still couldn’t think of him as anything but the guy who got Ozzie kicked to the curb. I normally love watching young goalies, but every one of those five goals was a small piece of red and white revenge for trading Ozzie to the Blues!

    Jenny Wilson April 4, 2003 4:32 AM