Game Thread: Maple Leafs at Red Wings – 2/27


Open Game Thread

Toronto Maple Leafs at Detroit Red Wings
February 27, 2003 – 7:30 PM


  • WHAT a game! I could have done without the two 5-on-3 penalties, but other than that it was one of the most entertaining yet! I was jumping up and down in my seat, and yelling, and just having a great time! I’m ready for the playoffs now, please….. I also can’t wait to laugh at those of my coworkers who foolishly thought that Cujo would not be able to handle the pressure of such a big game. Hahaha! Why, Wendell Clark himself said that Cujo plays best in the big games! (By the way, did anyone else hear Wendell Clark chatting with Ken and Mickey in the broadcast booth when he said, “Almost all of our players are human….”? I wonder which ones he thinks are NOT human????)

    Jenny Wilson February 28, 2003 6:39 AM
  • Yeah,what a pace to that game! My vote for the “Jerry Stackhouse no-look confusionmaker” award goes to Zetterberg. For me, he’s the most exciting player to watch. While Hull scores goals, Datsuk dazzles and Yzerman controls, Zetters flies around like a goal scoring loose electron. I also liked the kung-fu move Woolley put on Tucker, whereby you snap your chin down on your opponents fist, rendering him helpless for the remainder of the fight.

    Johnny Polaris February 28, 2003 12:01 PM