• S***s On!!! Once again, it’s time to throw down with the Av’s.

    This should be another classic. I dont know about the rest of you Wings fans, and this is purely my speculation, but I actually have more confidence in the Wings playing Colorado than if it were the Sharks. The Sharks would have come to Detroit on an incredible high.

    Most people I’ve talked to would rather play S.J.

    Apparently most never learned they’re lesson in 94′.

    These Sharks are not the in-experienced bunch from 94′ that the Wings were supposed to steam-roll and not a team to be taken likely. Not to mention Nolan, Marleau, Sturm, Ricci and a host of others really did a # on the Wings this year, even if they only beat us twice.

    We had to work very hard to get anything in the remaining games they played. SJ are extremely good skaters. Hustlers to be exact. They outworked the Avs most of the series and in my mind probably should have won.

    Dont get me wrong, the Av’s are’nt pushovers either. But they are tired and I believe they’re pretty beat up. How long can they play 4 D-men exclusivly? ¬†They may not show it much, but they’re feeling the last two series.

    I believe the Wings are still gonna have to work they’re ass’es off to pull it off, but they are one team the Av’s have yet to contain this year. Too bad Avery’s not ready.

    My prediction: Wings in 6

    wingfan62 May 16, 2002 9:21 AM