• Hmmmm… Send Hasek back to obedience school, or equip

    him with a 4ft. electronic tether?

    Johnny Polaris April 14, 2002 4:06 AM
  • Yeah, this guy’s an improvement over Ozzie how?  Oh yeah, the addition to the payroll, that’s how.  Of course, if the ref would have blown play dead after Dandenault got dumped, the OT goal wouldn’t have happened.  Too much to ask that the officials actually properly officiate a game though.

    Clark Rasmussen April 14, 2002 10:15 AM
  • oh no- doesnt look good for the wings. didnt see the game but now they are down 2-0 after losing 5-2.. but as a +.. Yzerman got a goal.  How is Yzermans knee? Will it hold out at least through the 1st round?  Is the whole city of Detroit freaking out.. it will be tough but hopefully the Wings can go into the GM place and take a couple of games..

    go wings!

    Yzer19 April 20, 2002 2:10 AM
  • Check out Drew Sharp and Mitch Albom in the Freep.

    A sugar coated critisism of the defense and Hasek. I

    don’t think I could be so objective and nice, but that’s

    why I work in a coal mine, so I can free style cuss and

    diss whomever I see fit. A show of hands on watching the

    4th goal unfold, and just knowing something crappy was

    about to happen. I thought Hasek should have rolled over

    on his back with his legs in the air after the puck went in,

    just to make it look acrobatic. Anyway, enough crying and

    on to a four game win streak.

    Johnny Polaris April 20, 2002 3:11 AM
  • “I think to myself ‘What I do wrong?'” – Dominik Hasek

    I can answer that… YOU DIDN’T STOP THE DAMN PUCK!

    “It’s hard to win playoff games when you need five goals to do it.”  – Scotty Bowman

    That’s Bowman’s version of putting the blame right on Hasek, and I’m glad someone’s doing it.

    Clark Rasmussen April 21, 2002 3:24 AM
  • boy you detroit fans are harsh on your players…. i know half the country is fair weather fans

    Yzer19 April 25, 2002 11:36 AM
  • Sorry Yzer19, but it’s that Lions thing. Still, after 50 years as a Detroit fan, I still can’t seem to squeeze that last little bit of venom puss from my psyche. Nutin’ personnal you know.

    Johnny Polaris April 27, 2002 7:06 AM