British Report of Fedorov-Kournikova Marriage False?


The Sun, a tabloid newspaper out of London, reported Monday that Red Wings star Sergei Fedorov had wed tennis phenom Anna Kournikova in Moscow several weeks ago. The article included a quote from Fedorov’s mother.

Kournikova’s father and her spokesperson and Fedorov’s brother and his agent say otherwise.

Who to believe?

Fedorov and Kournikova were reportedly wed between June 25 and July 9 in Moscow. Mike Luit, Fedorov’s agent, did not know if Fedorov had been in the Russian capital at all earlier this summer.

“No, it’s not true,” said Lindsey Evans, a spokeswoman for Kournikova’s management company, Octagon. “She’s not married.”

“She hasn’t been in Moscow since last year’s Kremlin Cup in November,” Kournikova’s father stated.

Rumors have surrounded Fedorov and Kournikova since 1997, when Anna rode with Sergei in the Stanley Cup parade. Kournikova was also briefly engaged to Russian hockey star Pavel Bure.

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