25 January, 2001


See what happens when Matt Dandenault gets hot? That’s why we keep him around, for anyone who’s ever doubted his ability. Osgood had another strong game, just like every game he’s played in the last month. With Ozzie on his A game, I think it’s safe to say “We’re back!”

The Free Press has the recap of the win over Nashville and an extra bit on Larry Murphy’s longevity. They also have a nice little piece for Chris Pronger’s injury.

Speaking of the almighty Prongs, I can’t help but laugh that finally a team other than the Wings lost someone important to a knee injury. We’ve dealt with Yzerman and Chelios being gone and are still within striking distance of the Blues, even when our blueline corps includes Todd Gill, who really should be in Manitoba. The Wings have a big shot to play catch-up here, and don’t think they don’t know that.


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