10 January, 2001


How Sean Burke was able to single-handedly stop the Wings, I may never understand. Well, he didn’t really do it all by himself. The refs helped a lot by taking Pat Verbeek out of his face, even though Burke’s stick was in Verbeek’s face. Understandably, Beeker’s not quite happy about the officiating and he rants about it a little in the Free Press, which also has coverage of last night’s tie.

Around the NHL… Boston downed Mario and the Penguins. That’s only Pittsburgh’s second loss since Lemieux came back. Ed Belfour’s suspension was lifted. Lord only knows why, the Stars were undefeated with him gone. Lucky us, his first game back will be against the Wings. Maybe if we beat him bad enough he’ll leave for good, a la Patrick Roy in Montreal. One can only hope.


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