Thirty-four Seconds

I keep coming back to a few things from tonight’s triple-overtime loss…

#1 – If the Red Wings had been able to clear the puck in the final minute, this series is over. One of those times you see how one bounce can change a whole season.

#2 – I’m not happy with the two goalie interference calls on Detroit in OT. Roberts can throw his elbow all over, people can be tripped up, but heaven forbid anyone get close to Marc-Andre Fleury.

#3 – There was a play where Pittsburgh fired the puck into the net on a Detroit power play. Maybe in OT, I can’t remember. It bounced off the net and was never even blown dead.

I might have more notes than that if I get a chance to watch my DVR’d copy of the game. As it is, I’m on I-94 on my way to Ann Arbor to pick up a car to go home and am kind of in shock.

The series is far from over but I can’t say I’m comfortable right now.

Game Five Pre-game Babbling

With fitch on his way down to pick me up, this’ll be my last big post before getting out of the game. Win or lose, I’m hoping to post some updates on my way home.

I’ll check in as I can with notes from the Joe. For the most part, I’ll be trying to take it in, ’cause this has the potential to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

See you guys after the game.


One is its own factorial, and its own square and cube.

One is often the internal representation of the Boolean constant true in computer systems.

One is the only 1-perfect number.

One forward on the five-on-three penalty-kill.

One goal against on average across four games.

One win from the Stanley Cup.

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