Postgame: Bruins @ Red Wings – Game 3 – 4/22

I’m so angry about this game that I don’t know where to start.

You know how I said in the pregame that the Bruins could beat the Wings playing the Wings’ game? We saw that, tonight. Boston had the puck all night. Detroit never had a chance.

Yeah, if you want to spin it as one soft goal, a bad line change, and an empty-netter, you can make it look not as bad for Detroit. “All we have to do is fix these couple, small things.” But let’s say you fix those things… Boston’s still got the puck something like 75% of the time. They’re going to score, more likely than not. It’s one thing if you “should” have won if not for those errors, it’s another when you deserved to lose but the goals against just happened to come on stupid mistakes.

Are the Wings still in it? Of course. I said in the pregame I think a longer series benefits Detroit and if they win on Thursday, we’ve got a split of the first four games.

Are the Wings still in it if they play like they did tonight? Not a chance. They’ve got to find a way to wake the hell up.

Pregame: Bruins @ Red Wings – Game 3 – 4/22

The big news as the Red Wings’ first-round series with the Boston Bruins shifts to Detroit is that the Wings will be without forward Daniel Alfredsson, whose back issues have flared up again. Joakim Andersson takes his spot in the lineup, making his first appearance of the postseason.

Coming off a 4-1 loss in Game Two, the pressure is on the Red Wings now. They won Game One to “steal” home ice from the Bruins but if they lose either of the next two, they’ll just have given it right back.

I half-expect a split of the next two games, which gives us a three-game series with Boston having home ice. I think a longer series benefits Detroit, though, so that may not be a bad thing.

As I said in the postgame on Sunday, it’s going to come down to which team plays their game more. Detroit controlled Game One (and it was still painfully close) while Boston ran Game Two. My concern for Detroit is that Boston can win a Detroit-style game but the Wings can’t win a Bruins-style one.

Stupid stat of the day: The Red Wings are 4-4 all-time in Game Threes played on a Tuesday where the series is tied.

Game time is 7:30 PM on FSD and NBCSN.

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