Bounces Not Enough

I’ve been complaining through the last few games that the Wings just haven’t been getting enough bounces to go their way. I was pretty shocked at how little luck they’d had.

Tonight, they got some of those bounces I’d been complaining about but it still wasn’t enough, Anaheim got a few of their own and that was all they needed.

The good news is that Detroit played a complete game tonight. For the first time in three games, the loss wasn’t for lack of trying.

That doesn’t change the final score, but it might say something about things to come. Mickey Redmond talks about how teams in the final games of a winning streak will win games they “should” lose, with the reverse also true.

Tonight’s game looked a bit like that to me. Maybe not a game the Red Wings “should” have won but definitely one they could have.

Wings Woes Continue

This late, I’m not even sure what to say about Detroit’s loss to the Los Angeles Kings.

As I said in the forums, I hate staying up late for a West Coast game only to have the Wings seemingly go to sleep early. Unfotunately, that happened again tonight.

After getting the early lead, it didn’t exactly look like the Wings were going to quit, but once again they didn’t get the breaks they needed while their opponents did.

The Kings got on the board with a goal that never should have happened. Vishnevski carries the puck the length of the ice, pushes past Kronwall, and bounces the puck in off of Osgood.

Most of the time something happens in that sequence to stop the goal. He gets stopped by Kronwall, or Osgood doesn’t give him a gap, or he doesn’t get the bounce off of Osgood’s padding. None of those came through for the Wings.

The game-winning goal was an attempted pass tipped into the Detroit net by defenseman Danny Markov. How often do we see the Wings score into their own goal? Hardly ever, but it happened tonight.

Detroit put forth an effort that would win on some nights but on nights when all the bounces are going the other way, they have to do more. They didn’t and they got the loss.