Red Wings – Canucks Postgame Notes

I said in the second period that the Red Wings were getting killed by their mistakes. It was a trend on the night and a key factor in the loss. They gave away the puck, failed to clear their zone, and blew their defensive coverage. The power play was weak and the PK wasn’t fantastic. Despite scoring four goals, they probably didn’t deserve to win this one, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they didn’t.

The biggest thing to me, though (and I feel like I’m going to get killed for saying this), was that Jimmy Howard didn’t make a “big” stop when it was needed.

Go back to when it was tied at four and Vancouver was on the power play. Drew Miller makes a great pass to Darren Helm on a two-on-one and Roberto Luongo makes the initial stop on Helm, then a save on the rebound chance. Two stops when his team needed them, when he had to cover for their mistakes.

Howard didn’t have a moment like that. In the second period when Manny Malhotra broke in all alone shorthanded after a rare giveaway by Pavel Datsyuk, Malhotra scored to put the Canucks up 4-3. Howard didn’t come up with the save.

I’m not putting this all on Howard, I listed off plenty of things the team did wrong to make this loss happen, but I do think the lack of the big save was the difference tonight. It shouldn’t have to be, that’s where the rest of the team comes in. You don’t always need a stop like that from your goalie but tonight Luongo provided that and Howard didn’t.

Red Wings – Canucks Pregame Notes

I’m sick and it’s a late game tonight, all the makings of some fun.

Jimmy Howard gets back to back starts as the Red Wings visit the Canucks. That’s the first time this has happened all season, as the only other time the Wings even played on consecutive nights Howard started against Anaheim to open the season and Chris Osgood got the nod against the Blackhawks the next night.

Drew Miller will be back in the lineup with no word on who the odd man out will be. Khan suggests Patrick Eaves but with Mike Babcock‘s comments about missing Miller in the PK role last night (a role Eaves also fills) I wouldn’t be shocked if Hudler is back in the press box.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet day.

Thoughts on Steve Ott’s “Goal” and the Detroit – Dallas Game

So here’s the recap…

Steve Ott slips a shot between Jimmy Howard‘s pads. It trickles to the goal line before Howard gets to it and the near ref says no goal. Patrick Eaves gets ready to shoot.

But wait… We’ve got video review. A lengthy video review proves inconclusive so the call on the ice stands. The problem is that during the review one ref and one linesman who were further away from the ref who made the initial call say that they conclusively saw the puck go over the goal line. Two outvote one, the call on the ice is overturned, it’s a goal.

So what happened is two people who were further away saw something that no video could corroborate. They so firmly believed what they saw that they refused to accept the near ref’s call and overturned it.

I firmly believe that the wrong call was made. Which means that those two officials weren’t just wrong. They were so certain about seeing something that didn’t happen that they overturned the correct call. That is a gross abuse of power.

I’ve heard the arguments about how it shouldn’t matter. The Wings gave up a two goal lead to get to this point. “They should have scored more goals if they wanted to win.”

That’s a flawed point and the people making it know it. The team scoring the most goals wins, not the team that scores more goals than the other team plus an arbitrary number of additional goals that may or may not be awarded by luck.

There’s also the argument that Patrick Eaves still could have scored to tie it. Which, of course, ignores that any goal of his would have been a game-winner.

In the end, what can you say to it? No one of consequence will admit to the wrong call being made. That wouldn’t fix things anyway.

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