Postgame: Ducks @ Red Wings

That… I’ll admit, that was not what I expected.

I expected the Red Wings to have to fight to end their losing streak, especially against a Ducks team that always plays them hard. I expected a chippy game with lots of “extracurriculars,” battles in front of the net, grinding in the corners.

What happened instead was a dismantling.

Detroit definitely made some mistakes. As they have too often in the last couple weeks, they failed to clear their own zone at times and sent errant passes into the Anaheim end, turning the puck over. For the first time in weeks, though, that wasn’t the story of the game.

The Red Wings fired an insane 50 shots on the Anaheim net. They haven’t been getting that kind of pressure during this slump but they certainly applied it against the Ducks. They got high-percentage chances from the slot, shots with a screen in place, rebound chances.

They got goals from their top players. Kronwall, Zetterberg, Lidstrom and Franzen all scored.

And Jimmy Howard remained solid.

The Ducks did not play a good game, some of Detroit’s domination is due to that. But the Red Wings played better than they had in weeks and that’s fantastic to see.

Postgame: Flames @ Red Wings

As I mentioned before the game, I had soccer tonight (also a 4-1 loss) so I missed most of this one. My thoughts are going to focus on a couple things from the Wings’ announcers tonight.

Early in the third, before the Flames’ third goal, Ken Kal and Paul Woods were talking about how great of a night several Detroit players were having. “Best game of the season” was a phrase being thrown around. From what I saw later in the third and from what I see people saying now, what the hell were they watching? It’s disappointing if they were just being cheerleaders.

In the game’s final minute, FSD showed a shot of Johan Franzen on the bench, staring off into space. Ken Daniels said that it summed up the game. To me, that’s the problem. The Wings’ sixth loss in a row was just about to be complete and Franzen looked like he was bored.

Show some passion, Mule! The Wings are losing because they’re sleepwalking through games. The fact that it seems to be acceptable in the Detroit dressing room drives me nuts.