Red Wings – Stars Postgame Notes

I’ll admit that I turned the game off after the second period and was barely paying attention after it went to 3-0.

I can’t stand watching sloppy hockey and for two games in a row, that’s what the Red Wings have played. Poor coverage in their own end, lazy passes leading to turnovers in the neutral zone, no forecheck.

I’m not even going to really talk about goaltending ’cause I’m biased by being p*ssed at my own efforts in goal a couple hours before Chris Osgood took to the ice in Dallas. He and I had similar games – at least one we wanted back and a couple where we wondered what our defense was doing.

The second Dallas goal is the one that describes the game as a whole, to me. Loui Eriksson, surrounded by Red Wings, no one close enough to actually cover him. Detroit was just off all night.

Unless, of course, they were great in the third. I feel safe assuming they didn’t turn it around, despite Niklas Kronwall‘s power play goal.

And it wouldn’t be a ridiculous Red Wings loss without an injury. Johan Franzen thinks he’ll miss a week with a concussion. Mike Babcock says to wait for the doctor to determine that.

So right now we’re at Franzen, Brian Rafalski, Justin Abdelkader and Kris Draper. Abdelkader could possibly return Saturday, thankfully, negating the need to call anyone up from Grand Rapids to fill Franzen’s spot on the roster.

If the Wings turn things around, this two-game hiccup will be nothing. They happen from time to time. This early in the season, though, they look awful.

Red Wings – Stars Pregame Notes

Mike Modano makes his return to Dallas tonight as the Red Wings visit the Stars. It’ll be the first time a Stars team that Modano wasn’t a part of ever takes the ice in Dallas and he’ll be lined up across from them as the third line is slated to start.

Also starting: Chris Osgood, who traditionally does very well against Dallas. Being superstitious, I don’t like how much the media was making of that when it was announced.

Kari Lehtonen gets the start for the Stars, the first time he’s faced the Wings since being moved to Dallas last spring.