Where the Buffaslug Roams

I was surprised several times during the Red Wings game on Friday against the Buffalo Sabres.

From the aesthetic side, it was my first live look at the Sabres’ new “buffaslug” logo and jerseys. I still like the jerseys but that logo is an atrocity.

Somewhat similarly, I like the look of the Red Wings’ defense, just not the goaltending behind it.

Detroit is limiting their opponents to very few shots this season but we’re still seeing Dominik Hasek make stupid mistakes leading to goals. The game-tying goal was entirely because of his interference penalty, a move that was entirely unnecessary and he had the gall to argue about.

That said, Hasek did show a couple flashes of brilliance late in the game.

The Wings’ offense looked strong again, getting plenty of shots on goal and, more importantly, getting to the front of the net. Both of Detroit’s goals came when Jason Williams was parked near the crease, in the right place at the right time.

Outside the game, I was absolutely shocked by the number of Buffalo fans in the arena. The game was far from sold out (no matter what they announced) so it must have been easy for Sabres fans to get tickets and make the relatively-short trip over.

Understandable, somewhat, since an Eastern Conference team that visits once every three years and the Wings have no history with is not the most sought-after ticket in Hockeytown, but disappointing nonetheless.