8 January, 2001

This is part one of today’s update… Stevie Y saved the day last night, scoring one of the best goals I’ve seen in awhile, the Free Press has full coverage. Never should have gone to OT, Osgood should have started and he would have let the Wings win in regulation. Obviously Bowman (and I bet most people in the hockey world) don’t agree so it doesn’t matter what I think. I’m still behind Ozzie 100%.

Maxim Kuznetsov is going to have an MRI done today on his left knee. If he can play then the Wings will have to clear a roster spot for him. I’m willing to bet Gilchrist gets put on waivers, but I hope not.

Everyone’s favorite Dallas goalie (that’d be Ed Belfour) was suspended by the team after a “disagreement” with Ken Hitchcock. Marty Turco will be starting in his place. I like Turco and all, but the Stars are done if Eddie doesn’t get his act together.

6 January, 2001

Today’s update will be quick even though I missed yesterday. The Free Press has coverage of the last couple games. Good news for Sunday night is that Adam Foote is out. One last note for today… Steve Duchesne is at fault for the Wild winning last night, he screwed up and left Osgood hung out to dry. Just my thought. Photos from Thursday will be posted tomorrow, along with (hopefully) some more video.

4 January, 2001

Tonight’s game is an important one, Detroit’s done well against the good teams in the league but continues to struggle at home, even after the last second win on New Years Eve. Dallas is on a role but is reeling from injuries to key players like Jamie Langenbrunner and Brett Hull. Seems to me like a good chance to let Chris Osgood prove he’s ready to be number one again, but Bowman never agrees with me. Brendan Shanahan said of tonight’s game, “It’ll be good. Dallas always brings out the best in us.” And lucky me, I’ll be there. Tonight’s the first game I’ll be able to go to this season. If I find a way to get from K-Zoo to the Joe in time to catch the warm-ups, I’ll add more pictures to the site tomorrow. We’ll see how my cross-state dash works out.

The grades don’t look all that good for the Wings at mid-season. I disagree with most of them but they’re done by the Free Press and they’re considered more of a hockey authority than I am. The second half of the season should be better for Detroit, even Bowman thinks so.

Some cool stuffs been going on around the NHL… Jose Theodore of the Canadiens became only the eighth NHL goalie to be credited with a goal in a shutout win over the Isles. He actually scored the goal, like six of the other goalies, including Ron Hextall, Martin Brodeur, and our very own Chris Osgood. Mario Lemieux has nine points in his first three games back. Probably makes Gordie Howe think he can do better himself. That’s all for now, more tomorrow.

1 January, 2001

drwcentral.net has got itself another new format for the real first day of the twenty-first century. I’m abandoning the old format of having the AP article about the previous game and that game’s box score on the main page. Instead, I’ll sum up and link to all the day’s news and include feature articles written by myself from time to time. I had grown weary of working on Central and realized it was because my own opinion didn’t go into it anymore because I was just repeating what others were saying. Now my opinion’ll be here. Anyway, on to the hockey…

Stevie Y scored one of the prettiest goals I’ve seen in awhile to get the last-second win against the Kings last night. The Free Press has AP coverage of the game. Everywhere else has AP coverage as well so there’s no need to link to them. Various Wings Fan Forums are abuzz with how well Ozzie’s played lately. Finally people are coming back around to their senses, Legace’s great but he won’t lead us to a Cup. Have your say on the mater in the drwcentral.net Fan Forum, which is mostly empty and needs people to post in it.

Mario Lemieux keeps tearing it up for the Penguins. Last night Jagr had his 1000th point whil Mario go his 1500th. NHL.com has the coverage.

A couple final notes… If anyone ever writes an article that they want posted on drwcentral.net, just email it to me and I’ll put it up here, assuming I approve of the article. Writers will recieve full recognition. The mutlimedia section is about to explode in size, I just need to get back to my ethernet connection at school so I can upload everything without taking a year and a half. That’s all for now.

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