Hockey Returns to Joe Louis Arena:: Play4Autism, Oh yeah and the Red Wings soon too

Now that the NHL is looking to start up soon lets not forget that these are not the only hockey athletes we have.

In fact college hockey has been here all along.

On February 2nd college hockey returns to Joe Louis Arena in Detroit with a cause other than playing hated rivals: Battle of the Badges

Battle of the Badges is a fundraiser for Play4Autism and the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) . This event will benefit both organizations whose mission is to help increase awareness of Autism while improving the quality of life for those living within the Autism spectrum.

There will be two games at the Joe on Saturday February 2nd

Game one will be between U of M and MSU starting at 4:00 p.m.

Game two is the Battle of the Badges Championship Game at 8:00 p.m.

Play4Autism is hosting a number of tournaments around the country and the winner at each event will advance to a “Best of the Best” Play4Autism Champions Week.

The “Best of the Best” week will be held during Autism Awareness month in April of 2014 in none other than Detroit.

Ticket prices start at $12; contact Kristin Oulmet at (313) 396-7911 about ticket packages.

For more information please visit

Tickets are going fast for the event, you can purchase online

Lake Fenton Winter Classic 2013: Registration Open until Jan 9th; Pond Hockey Event Runs Jan 18-20


Finally snow has fallen on Michigan and that means the lakes will be freezing soon and pond hockey will be keeping hockey fans busy during this NHL lockout.

January 18th-20th The Lake Fenton Winter Classic is returning!

There will be eight divisions this year including a women’s division – you just have to be 18 or older to participate in this years event.

“Last year was the first year for the Lake Fenton Winter Classic. We had many obstacles to maneuver around to pull off a successful tournament,” says Sean Lapham, the Lake Fenton Winter Classic Tournament Director.

“This year we have been selected as one of only four featured events for Labatt Pond Hockey in Michigan,” announced Lapham, “A huge honor since this is only our second year…none of this would have been possible without the support of volunteers and sponsors such as Labatt, North American Breweries, Fabiano Brothers, Yamaha, The Fireplace, Lakeside Market, The Moose, and the Fenton Township Fire Department.”

Doubling in size in it’s second year the pond hockey tournament is looking to have 64 teams in 8 different divisions: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Open Rec., Tin Foil, Women’s, CoEd and 50+

The winning team from each division will get their team name engraved on the Des Crowley Memorial Cup and receive free entry into the 2014 Lake Fenton Winter Classic.

Registration closes January 9th so get your team together and sign up today!

Event takes place Friday Jan. 18 thru the 20th on Barnum Lake, behind The Fireplace located at 2238 North Long Lake Road in Fenton Township.

To register go to: and like the event on Facebook for updates!

Is USA Hockey looking at a Penn State-esque controversy? It is Possible

You don’t have to be a Penn State fan, nor a football fan – heck even a sports fan – to know about what went down at Penn State; is USA Hockey looking at something similar?

I woke this morning to a story by Stepheh Heisler over at that calls into question whether or not USA Hockey’s Executive Director Dave Ogrean should resign.

According to this piece the father of a player from the Massachusetts Maple Leafs emailed Ogrean back in Janurary of 2011 describing what Heisler calls “extremely deviant sexual behavior” that Maple Leafs coach Anthony DeSilva had towards his (at the time) 18 year old son.

Now here is where I have a slight issue. If the player was 18 at the time you can not throw around the child predator aspect as he is an adult; however, just because someone is 18 it does not mean they are unable to be abused. My issue is that for some reason our society has massive outrage for those that abuse children (as they should) but not for those after they turn 18. Why is it at 18 to the masses it doesn’t matter anymore?

Anyway that is an issue for another day – back to the topic at hand with USA Hockey and Ogrean.USA Hockey did launch and investigation; and encouraged the parents to go to the police if they felt the allegations by their son were true. According to Heisler’s piece the parents never went to the authorities.

So is this USA Hockey’s fault?

ESHL Commissioner Andrew Richards was selected to conduct the investigation into DeSilva; however, he was never allowed to even speak with the player himself.”We did what we could. We’re not a legal society,” Says Richards.

USA Hockey appears to now be playing a game of hot potato. Fischer claims that the national office passed the information onto the ESHL and the ESHL’s Richards is saying that he was getting direction from USA Hockey and the Junior Council.

The question is who is to blame for a lack of “results” to this matter? Is Ogrean for allowing DeSilva to remain on the bench? Is Richards responsible because he conducted the investication? What about the parents that knew but did not take it to the police?

What happened at Penn State has left everyone outraged; but shouldn’t all sports organizations be them collegiate, local, or national governing bodies be held to the same standards?

Polk County (Fl.) Sheriff Grady Judd agrees that Ogrean and USA Hockey mishandled the situation. “They don’t want the bad press, and it’s not uncommon for organizations to suppress information,” the outspoken sheriff told us Monday. “We see it over and over that these situations, the Catholic Church, Penn State, everyone has had these same issues and it is very embarrassing for the groups.”

“Going after sexual predators is a difficult task because it’s the silent crime and the kids are embarrassed,” Grady concluded. “A lot of law enforcement agencies go out of their way avoid these cases and in reality, we all need to work together to protect the victims.”USA Hockey appears to now be playing a game of hot potato. Fischer claims that the national office passed the information onto the ESHL and the ESHL’s Richards is saying that he was getting direction from USA Hockey and the Junior Council.

WAIT?!?! Law enforcement goes out of their way to avoid these cases? What is going on in this world? If the police are not contacted how are they to investigate?

There is a lot of passing off who is to blame here and honestly until matters are sorted out I feel those involved should step down from their positions with USA Hockey.

To Canada and Back! : Running to Raise Money and Awareness for Special Hockey

I’ve decided that I am going to run across the board to Canada and back to raise money for the American Special Hockey Association.

Don’t worry it’s totally legit; as the Detroit Marathon course takes runners over the Ambassador bridge, through the streets of Windsor and back thru the Detroit-Windsor tunnel.

So I have decided that I am going to run the half-marathon this coming October and try and raise money for the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) in the process.

I’ve been a volunteer with ASHA for a few years now and love everything about this organization; why wouldn’t I do my part to try and raise them some more money.

Now that I have decided to run the international half marathon I am looking for those that may want to join my running team. There is a U.S. only half marathon, the full marathon, a 5K, and a 5 person relay. Just because I am doing the international half doesn’t mean you can’t go along with me – and probably beat me to the finish line.

You can go to the event page on Crowdrise at: to check in on the progress of reaching the goal of $5,000. I figure we have until the end of October 2013 we can make it with some help!

If you are interested in joining the “Running for ASHA” team email me at

It’s Miller Time! Kevin Miller raffling off jerseys, Winter Classic ticke

Yup it’s that time of year again hockey fans … Hockey Season.

Just we are going at it minus the National Hockey League once again.

With hockey comes not only the joy that is watching or playing the greatest sport ever; but fundraising for those that are not squabbling over how to divide up billions in revenue.

Former Team USA right wing and a draft pick of the New York Rangers Kevin Miller is running two separate raffles to raise money for different hockey organizations.

Before I tell you about the two raffles here is something that pertains to both of them:


Yup you read that correctly, I didn’t mistype. One Dollar.

Raffle One:

To benefit the Greater Lansing Amateur Hockey Association (GLAHA) the drawing will take place on December 15th (2012) and you DO NOT need to be present to win (so those of you not in Michigan can still enter).

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

1st Prize: Signed Ryan Miller (Sabres) Jersey
2nd Prize: Signed Drew Miller (Red Wings) Jersey
3rd Prize: Michigan State University Jersey (In case you did not know 10 members of the Miller family have played hockey for MSU).
4th Prize: Steaks from Mert’s Specialty Meats

All processes for this raffle will go to help support youth hockey in the great Lansing area.

Raffle Two:

To benefit Spartan 16U Girls Hockey also taking place on December 15th of this year.

First Prize: 2 tickets to the 2013 Winter Classic: Detroit Red Wings hosting the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium. Literally the biggest hockey game ever; never mind the fact that if could be the first National Hockey League game of the season.

Second Prize: 2 tickets to the Great Lakes Invitational: Games played outside at Comerica Park on December 28th 2012 as part of the Hockeytown Hockey Festival.

The teams participating in this years GLI are University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Northern Michigan University and Western Michigan University.

Again tickets for each raffle are only $1.00 a piece; you can purchase as many as you wish for each raffle just specify how many tickets per raffle you want.

Checks can be made out to GLAHA

Mail to:

Kevin Miller
14750 Lake Lansing Road
Lansing, MI 48912

Please be sure to include:
Your Phone Number
How Many Tickets for Each Raffle
A Self Addressed Stamped Envelop (so Kevin can send you your raffle tickets)

NHL Lockout 3.0 : It’s not about you!

So that day is finally here. The NHL has locked out. Again.

Woke up this morning to find that players are already mass exiting North America for the European leagues; and I do not blame them. I can’t blame them.

If it was my employer pulling the same stuff and locking me out of a job I too would go find work else where. Only I don’t make a minimum $500,000 a year nor did my company have a net profit of $3.3 billion last year.

It isn’t that it is hard for the “every day person” to understand what the players and the owners are going through – it just shows how out of touch people are with society. Millionaires fighting millionaires over billions of money – it’s just like watching the political coverage.

In reality I cannot change anything – the Nation Hockey League doesn’t care about me; just my money.

I make no where near what these players and owners do; but they make their money because I, like all other fans, spend my hard earned money at games, buying my favorite teams gear, and spending the outrageous price for food and drinks at the arena.

That is what matters to them.

What else doesn’t matter to them are all the people they just left unemployed.

This is not just a players vs. ownership issue. More “everyday people” are being affected by this lockout than players and owners combined; but they are just footnotes.

The ticket sales representative, the game day staff – the people that do not set your drink prices but make sure your beer doesn’t have too much head on it so that you get your moneys worth. The people that bring out stat sheets to crazy fans waiting outside the arena past midnight hoping for a close up glimpse of their favorite player. The people that deal with those that had too much to drink before the game started and yet continued to drink at the game.

The hard working people that are just trying to get by and support their families. They are the ones hurting the most.

Not me. Not us fans.

It is the business owners near the arenas and the sports bars that would actually play hockey over basketball or football where hockey fans could go to catch a game out with friends that are going to hurt. The waitresses and the clerks in the stores that you end up buying more game day gear at that will be let go because the profit these businesses counted on during the winter wont be there.

This is a fight about billions; between millionaires that is going to affects millions more than they could ever care about.

Sure hockey will be harder for many of the sunbelt fans; but for me in Michigan not so much. In fact it will save me money. I do not need to drive the over an hour to Detroit. I have plenty of other leagues and teams to go watch; and their ticket prices are much better. I can head to Ann Arbor or East Lansing to catch some collegiate hockey; to Plymouth, Saginaw or cross the boarder into Sarnia to see the OHL; I can go to Flint and see the NAHL. This does not even take into consideration that USA development goes on in Ann Arbor nor the travel and high school leagues that play all around me.

I have hockey. I have hockey where players and owners are not fighting about how to divide up their billions.

Will I go back to the NHL after a lockout? Probably – I did after the last two; but no matter what the league I am going to enjoy the game that I love. The NHL is just one of many leagues and is the only one not playing this year.

How did the NHL go from Ted Lindsay starting a tradition of hoisting and doing a lap with the cup; because he wanted the fans (the people that pay his check) to see it up close and celebrate, to what the NHL has turned into now”?

What makes Hockeytown Hockeytown?: Evil scheming conniving greatness.

Once again the masterminds that are behind one of the greatest sports dynasties of all times is at it again; and no one saw it coming.

Fans, even Red Wing fans, were angry, disheartened and frustrated this summer as they watched their team lose their captain (who just happens to be the best defenseman to ever play the game) to retirement and then have a General Manager do nothing with the teams large cap space.

By nothing I mean nothing. Detroit’s General Manger failed to bring Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to Hockeytown. The two biggest free agency is what is probably the history of the NHL. They were only missing an hour long tv special on ESPN 2 to become the most over hyped signings in sports history. Kenny instead brought in a back up goaltender with a bad heart.

No I don’t mean he doesn’t have love or passion for the game – he literally has a bad heart (medical test have proven he is fine – so says The Monster).

So, Ken Holland brought in a Monster to back up Jimmy Howard – then he brought back Mikael Samuelsson and followed that up 60 seconds later with the signing of Jordin Tootoo.

The announcement of one Jordin Tootoo becoming a Red Wing set off a mass hysteria with Detroit fans on Twitter that can only be compared to the Vancouver riot for utter over reacting. Alright, Ken Holland did something; but according to Wings fans the dawning for the Dead Wing 2.0 Era was upon us all.

Forget the fact that Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch had helped land not only the 2013 Winter Classic to be hosted by Detroit – well, Ann Arbor – in what is to be the largest hockey audience of all time. What Mr. Ilitch could not do was twist the arm of the NHL to get the game in Detroit at Comerica Park where his baseball team plays.

fail there Mr. Ilitch.

Guess you will have to settle for having that Alumni game there. Oh and the AHL game between the Wings’ and Leafs’ affiliate teams, and the Great Lakes Invitational, oh and those OHL teams that are going to play.

Still though, the Hockeytown Hockey Festival is NOT the Winter Classic.

In listing all the major fails of the Detroit Red Wings organization this summer is where we fail to see the devious, conniving, scheming plan that was well played on all of us mere mortals.

Let’s go back to GM Holland:

In the massive failure in bringing the two highest contracts in the NHL it has left the Red Wings being one of 14 teams sitting below what is being speculated at the new cap under the pending CBA agreement. Sixteen teams are going to have a massive trading frenzy to get under the $58 million cap if the latest proposal from the NHL is accepted by the NHLPA; and lets face it, it really is not a horrible team. Pavel Datsyuk is still Pavel Datsyuk, even if he wasn’t rated as a top fantasy hockey pick – but look at who they picked for one of the top wingers … James Neal.

Alright Kenny Holland. We may have freaked out about your lack of inactivity; but you have proven once again why you are the greatest GM in hockey.

Now Mr. Ilitch. You Sir are one amazing man.

You bought half the city of Detroit; two sports teams, and much more that those out of the Detroit area have no idea – and all because of pizza.


You “gave up” the Winter Classic to Ann Arbor for a door price that you tried to re-brand as some special. Something that did not have to be re-branded as special because it is special.It is the special loop hole that has been greatly overlooked.  On the day that the NHL U.S. national television appearances were released; when fans and media alike are doubting if the season will take place; or if the Winter Classic will even happen – you had a plan to save Hockeytown from going without hockey.

Not only is the Hockeytown Hockey Festival going to be a savior for hockey fans during a probable/possible lockout it could in fact be the Phoenix (not the Coyotes they are a lost cause) of the winter.Rising from the ashes of what could be another lost NHL season the Hockeytown Hockey Festival in Downtown Detroit left the biggest loop hole in history that no one could see. Almost like the Chicago Blackhawks sending Cristobal Huet to the Swiss league to get out of the contract.

With an NHL lockout the players are not allowed to work for the NHL; however, they are allowed to sign contracts and play for other leagues. Including the American Hockey League. Both the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings have their AHL affiliate teams within a greatly reasonable distance (Toronto and Grand Rapids respectively).

What is stopping the NHL players from signing with their AHL affiliates? You know those same teams that are playing an outdoor game at Comerica Park already?

The NHL cannot stop these players from playing with those teams, and they cannot stop the AHL outdoor game becoming what could have/should have been the NHL Winter Classic.

Just the NHL Winter Classic would not take place; and NBC would have to scramble to get a contract with the AHL to start setting up for the AHL Winter Classic, but HBO’s 24/7 could be produced, the same players could still don the blue and white and the red and white and fight it out in Original Six glory – just with different names.And now it would ALL be at Comerica Park.

Mike Ilitch.

Ken Holland.

You two are frickin’ geniuses’.

Hockeytown Makeover In Order

This is what happens when you have a team of skill but no hunger.

The 2011-12 Detroit Red Wings took their early out of their 21st consecutive playoff appearance with a run that may have just been a sweep by the Nashville Predators.

What the Red Wings have in skill they completely lacked in heart. I would not go as far as say the Dead Wing Era has returned but if things keep going this way they it just might. There was no hunger, no passion, no emotion at all from the machine that is the Detroit Red Wings.

Cycle. Cycle. Cycle.

That is what we witnessed in these five games. All Cycle no shoot.

It has been said so many times that it has become a cliché but you’re going to miss all the shots you don’t take; and if no one is there to knock in the rebound that Pekka Rinne gives up… guess what that is not going to go in either.

Bringing in new assistant coaching was suppose to bring in new ideas for the team. Becoming lackluster just is not going to win anything.

More should have been done at the trade deadline. Getting Kyle Quincey back was fantastic… if racking up penalty minutes was the objective.

Why is it the playoffs start and now the Red Wings can not keep themselves out of the penalty box? Stupid plays. Johan Franzen played stupid the entire series. Why are is he getting paid what he is? The excuse was for his playoff performance. Well holy crap ya’all that was horrible.

It is not a coincidence that the only game Detroit won was the one where they were heated. When they hated Nashville for Shea Weber‘s attack on Henrik Zetterberg. I am not going to go into that incident we all have beat that horse to death; but game two the Red Wings came out hungry and they won.

Remember when the Red Wings were the team to go to because they would rally for a player? When they played their hearts out to win that cup in 2008 for Dallas Drake before he retired.

They could not do that for Tomas Holmstrom and possibly Nicklas Lidstrom? Really? Drake meant more to them than these two that have spent their entire careers making the team what it is (or was) for these “youngsters”.

The team needs an update. Get rid of the stubron jackass we call the Mule, get a goal scorer. Honestly since losing Marian Hossa to the Blackhawks the Red Wings still have not found themselves a snipper. Players can cycle the puck all they want, but unless they shoot it they are not going to score.

Keep Darren Helm, Keep Patrick Eaves in your thoughts and hope he is okay for next season. Detroit missed both of them dearly in the playoffs.

Keep Nicklas Kronwall though odds are he is injured again as he did not “Kronwall” anyone this series (odds are it would have been a 4-5 game suspension anyway).

Keep Howard but find him a good partner. Not a back up but a good goaltending tandem where the goalies push one another; not where one self destructs.

Keep the Euro Twins. Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg probably should have played on the same line together a little more when nothing was frickin’ working.

Keep Bertuzzi since he is the only one willing to use his size.

The Central Division is getting younger, full of players that are hungry to get their chance at the cup and to take down everyone that stands in their way.

Especially the old measuring stick Red Wings.


Hockeytown Shifts Gears To Watch Worlds: Americans Discover Yearly Hockey Tournament

Five games into the post season (one game short of my playoff tickets) and the Detroit Red Wings have done the unthinkable.

Started their golf season early – just not as early as the Leafs, Blue Jackets, etc.

The Detroit Red Wings have become the first team to be eliminated from the playoffs; which means no more hockey for Detroit fans to enjoy (well other than if the Flyers beat the Penguins).

All of the Detroit stars and done, gone, no more hockey until the fall right. Well maybe, but adds are that is not true either.

You see there is this “little” known hockey tournaments every year (well not on Winter Olympic years) called the IIHF World Championship; and guess what. NHL players are allowed to play.


Now that the Red Wings have been eliminated early there is a chance that some of them will be asked to join their native country in the tournament that is taking place split between Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland.

Currently none of the Red Wings have agreed to join their teams; however, other than for injury reasons I am sure a few may. Especially the Swedes and the Finn.

Team Sweden has gained Henrik Zetterberg, Niklas Kronwall, Johan Franzen, Jonathan Ericsson, Gustav Nyquist, Joakim Andersson, Fabian Brunnstrom and Tomas Holmstrom to their potential player pool. I know Nicklas Lidstrom is a Swede, he was captain for Tre Kronor in the Vancouver Olympics; but The Perfect Human is still injured and I do not see him joining the team.

Event co-host Finland now has Valtteri Filppula available. Last year Finland won gold without Filppula; however with Mikko Koivu‘s injury during the NHL regular season and the loss of goaltender Niklas Backstrom to surgery Filppula is probably already receiving calls.

Russia has been lackluster in the international tournaments as of late and could use the help of Pavel Datsyuk; however, injury may keep the Magician off the ice.

Justin Abdelkader, Chris Conner, Doug Janik, Drew Miller, Jimmy Howard and Ty Conklin have become available for Team USA. With the horrible finish in last years tournament the USA needs a strong push this time around and hopefully Miller, Howard and Abdelkader can have a better ending to their season by helping out the national team.

Hockey Canada… Detroit gives to you Todd Bertuzzi, Danny Cleary, Riley Sheahan, Garnet Exelby, Kyle Quincey, Brendan Smith, Corey Emmerton, Brad Stuart, and Ian White… if you shall choose.

To the Czech Republic Jiri Hudler and Jakub Kindl would be good additions to your team.

Tomas Tatar has seen two season end thus far but could still be a big part for Slovakia.

And Slovenia The Red Wings have given you Jan Mursak.

Now Detroit fans and National Team fans sit and wait to see who will be joining as the Red Wings clear out their lockers and scatter for what is the longest off-season they have had since before winning the cup in 2008.

Another Season Cut Short

Last night the Plymouth Whalers (OHL) lost in a game 7 to the Kitchener Rangers eliminating them from the playoffs; and sending the Rangers to the Western Conference Finals.

The Whalers were a favorite for the OHL this season with a strong roster built out from the net with New Jersey Devils and Team Canada goaltender Scott Wedgewood.

With the possible retirement of their long time netminder Martain Brodeur in New Jersey it is possible that Wedgewood will shift in his development and could be in the AHL next season. Brodeur played his lost minutes in a playoff game every last night when he was pulled after giving up a 3-0 lead to the Florida Panthers.

It is also possible that with the rebuild in Carolina that the Whalers could lose defenseman Austin Levi; or JT Miller who sparked controversy after being drafted in the first round by the New York Rangers and heading to Juniors rather than the collegiate route. Miller whom others have said had a lack luster season had 62 points in 61 games played.

As the Whalers season has ended long before many had suspected is it a sign that hockey in the Detroit area is about to close a chapter as the Red Wings went down 3-1 in their first round series to the Nashville Predators.

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