2 February, 2001

CTVSportsnet.com is reporting that Rob Blake will become a Detroit Red Wing sometime in the next two days. No terms of a possible deal were revealed, but the Kings captain and All-Star defenseman will not come cheap. drwcentral.net sees the only players Detroit would be willing to part with as Vyacheslav Kozlov and Todd Gill, who, along with a draft pick or prospect, could be enough of an offer to convince Los Angeles to make the trade. With Blake’s contract up at the end of the year, whoever should aquire him will have to pay a pretty penny to keep him. The Red Wings would have three of the top defensemen in the NHL should the deal go through, with Blake joining All-Star Nicklas Lidstrom and the injured Chris Chelios on the blue line.

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31 January, 2001, Pt. 3

The local papers aren’t updated yet but CNN/SI and ESPN.com both have recaps of the game. After watching us almost lose, I can only hope that Todd Gill does get dealt away sometime soon. He made too many turnovers and completely blew a chance at an open net by turning away while on the rush. Anyone else think he should be gone? Talk about it in the drwcentral.net Fan Forum. And speaking of parts of drwcentral.net, the links section has been updated and cleaned out, and the multimedia section is due up in the next day or two.

31 January, 2001, Pt. 2

Just a few quick links to the news… The Free Press talks about Shanahan’s milestone and recaps the game, as does the News. ESPN.com has an interesting piece on how the All-Star rosters would be filled this year if it were still East vs. West. And SLAM! Hockey has full coverage of the sale of the Montreal Canadiens. And let’s all not forget to breathe a sign of relief, the MacInnis- and Pronger-less Blues lost.

31 January, 2001

Loss to the Devils sucked but it wasn’t too bad of a game. As of publishing no one has any news on it so I’ll add links to what the dailies had to say later. One more game before the All-Star Break. Look for Ken Holland to start making deals. I still predict Todd Gill, Doug Brown and Brent Gilchrist will be sent packing, as much as I’d hate to lose Brown and Gilchrist. Gill has got to go so we can get Kuznetsov back playing and later we’ll need one more roster spot to open up for Chris Chelios. You do remember him, right?

25 January, 2001

See what happens when Matt Dandenault gets hot? That’s why we keep him around, for anyone who’s ever doubted his ability. Osgood had another strong game, just like every game he’s played in the last month. With Ozzie on his A game, I think it’s safe to say “We’re back!”

The Free Press has the recap of the win over Nashville and an extra bit on Larry Murphy’s longevity. They also have a nice little piece for Chris Pronger’s injury.

Speaking of the almighty Prongs, I can’t help but laugh that finally a team other than the Wings lost someone important to a knee injury. We’ve dealt with Yzerman and Chelios being gone and are still within striking distance of the Blues, even when our blueline corps includes Todd Gill, who really should be in Manitoba. The Wings have a big shot to play catch-up here, and don’t think they don’t know that.

17 January, 2001

Now that I’m back from having my computer crash, I feel it’s required that I gloat a bit about Osgood tearing it up now after everyone but me wanted to deal him away and let Legace have the #1 spot permanently. Actually, that’s all of an update I’ll be doing today, way too busy fixing my computer, sorry. More will come tomorrow when I don’t have any classes.

10 January, 2001

How Sean Burke was able to single-handedly stop the Wings, I may never understand. Well, he didn’t really do it all by himself. The refs helped a lot by taking Pat Verbeek out of his face, even though Burke’s stick was in Verbeek’s face. Understandably, Beeker’s not quite happy about the officiating and he rants about it a little in the Free Press, which also has coverage of last night’s tie.

Around the NHL… Boston downed Mario and the Penguins. That’s only Pittsburgh’s second loss since Lemieux came back. Ed Belfour’s suspension was lifted. Lord only knows why, the Stars were undefeated with him gone. Lucky us, his first game back will be against the Wings. Maybe if we beat him bad enough he’ll leave for good, a la Patrick Roy in Montreal. One can only hope.

8 January, 2001

This is part one of today’s update… Stevie Y saved the day last night, scoring one of the best goals I’ve seen in awhile, the Free Press has full coverage. Never should have gone to OT, Osgood should have started and he would have let the Wings win in regulation. Obviously Bowman (and I bet most people in the hockey world) don’t agree so it doesn’t matter what I think. I’m still behind Ozzie 100%.

Maxim Kuznetsov is going to have an MRI done today on his left knee. If he can play then the Wings will have to clear a roster spot for him. I’m willing to bet Gilchrist gets put on waivers, but I hope not.

Everyone’s favorite Dallas goalie (that’d be Ed Belfour) was suspended by the team after a “disagreement” with Ken Hitchcock. Marty Turco will be starting in his place. I like Turco and all, but the Stars are done if Eddie doesn’t get his act together.

6 January, 2001

Today’s update will be quick even though I missed yesterday. The Free Press has coverage of the last couple games. Good news for Sunday night is that Adam Foote is out. One last note for today… Steve Duchesne is at fault for the Wild winning last night, he screwed up and left Osgood hung out to dry. Just my thought. Photos from Thursday will be posted tomorrow, along with (hopefully) some more video.

4 January, 2001

Tonight’s game is an important one, Detroit’s done well against the good teams in the league but continues to struggle at home, even after the last second win on New Years Eve. Dallas is on a role but is reeling from injuries to key players like Jamie Langenbrunner and Brett Hull. Seems to me like a good chance to let Chris Osgood prove he’s ready to be number one again, but Bowman never agrees with me. Brendan Shanahan said of tonight’s game, “It’ll be good. Dallas always brings out the best in us.” And lucky me, I’ll be there. Tonight’s the first game I’ll be able to go to this season. If I find a way to get from K-Zoo to the Joe in time to catch the warm-ups, I’ll add more pictures to the site tomorrow. We’ll see how my cross-state dash works out.

The grades don’t look all that good for the Wings at mid-season. I disagree with most of them but they’re done by the Free Press and they’re considered more of a hockey authority than I am. The second half of the season should be better for Detroit, even Bowman thinks so.

Some cool stuffs been going on around the NHL… Jose Theodore of the Canadiens became only the eighth NHL goalie to be credited with a goal in a shutout win over the Isles. He actually scored the goal, like six of the other goalies, including Ron Hextall, Martin Brodeur, and our very own Chris Osgood. Mario Lemieux has nine points in his first three games back. Probably makes Gordie Howe think he can do better himself. That’s all for now, more tomorrow.

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