Las Vegas Name Thoughts

I’ve been letting Las Vegas owner Bill Foley’s interview with’s Nick Cotsonika roll around in my head for the last 24 hours or so but my initial thought is still the one I think is most valid.

Either Foley is diabolically sneaky or he just thinks he’s smarter than he actually is.  Right now I lean towards the latter.

He also admitted he had included fakes as a misdirection ploy.

“I have,” he said with a laugh over the phone. “I think it’s irritating a few people.”

Was there anyone who didn’t think some of these names were intended as misdirection?  I mean, they trademarked three names and registered domains for more.  They can’t be using all of them.

I don’t think anyone is reporting on this and saying “this is the name.”  So far it’s simply been a matter of finding more pieces of the puzzle and trying to put it together.

What I question at this point is how much we can believe what Foley himself says.  On one hand, he’s trying to keep the name secret.  On the other hand, he wouldn’t outright lie to the media that is going to be covering his team in the near future, would he?

For now, here are the pieces of the puzzle as we know them.

Nighthawks, Red Hawks, Desert Hawks, Sand Knights
Black Knight IP Holdings owns domains for these.  Various denials have been made about whether or not they’ll be used.

Golden Knights
Black Knight has the trademark for this but no domains.

Silver Knights, Desert Knights
Black Knight has the trademark for these and the domains are held privately.  Foley confirmed that he registered Desert Knights and Murray Craven said that the group registered Silver Knights.  That said, I’ve since confirmed independently that the privately-registered Silver Knights domains are not held by Black Knight.

While this would seem to mean that Desert Knights is the only name that Foley both owns the trademark and the domains for, there could be another name (or multiple names) out there we haven’t found yet.  Or more filings could be coming.  Or some other information could be revealed.

Those of us interested in such things will keep digging into it.  Maybe we’ll find misdirection, maybe we’ll find truth.  We’ll see.

Red Wings World Cup Jersey Numbers

Yahoo Sports’ Sean Leahy sent out a batch of Tweets earlier today with rosters and jersey numbers for each team in the World Cup of Hockey.

With Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall out for Sweden, the Red Wings have representatives on five of the eight teams.

For Team USA, Justin Abdelkader will wear #89 – his old high school number – which he wore while captaining the Americans at the World Championships in 2014.  The #8 he wears in Detroit is taken by team captain Joe Pavelski.

Dylan Larkin will keep #71 with the “Young Guns” team, Team North America.

Oddly, Alexey Marchenko will wear his now-old #47 for Team Russia. He just switched to #53 with Detroit and wore that number – which is available – with the Russians at this year’s World Championships.

Team Europe features Tomas Tatar in #21, which is slightly weird because he usually wears #90 in international competition. Thomas Vanek gets the #26 that’s not available to him in Detroit while Frans Nielsen gets his usual #51.

For Czechia, goalie Petr Mrazek gets his regular #34.

Zetterberg Out of World Cup

Team Sweden announced on Thursday that Detroit Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg will miss the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

Detroit general manager Ken Holland later clarified that Zetterberg suffered a knee injury while training.  He has yet to have an MRI but the injury does not appear to be serious.

Zetterberg, who was to serve as team captain for the tournament, is the second Swedish Red Wing to withdraw.  Earlier this summer, Niklas Kronwall was replaced in the lineup by Anaheim’s Hampus Lindholm.

Mikael Backlund of the Calgary Flames will take Zetterberg’s spot.

It marks the second time that Zetterberg has been named Sweden’s captain only to not finish the tournament.  At the 2014 Winter Olympics, Zetterberg played one game wearing the C before suffering a back injury.