16 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Blackhawks – 3/16”

  1. How injured are the Wings? A guy with one NHL game played in his career is on the power play. And didn’t look bad.

  2. Been ignoring the forums again, sorry.



    Who do we keep and who is let go? I want to see if we are in the same page


    Who do I want to keep and let go are entirely different from who it’s feasible to keep and let go.  Assuming no trades (’cause Legwand be damned, the Wings never trade away players in trades), the Wings have a ton of forwards under contract next season (or RFA) and out of waiver options, including Sheahan, Ferraro, and Mitch Callahan (who has yet to see NHL action).  Jurco is going to get Nyquist’d and buried in the AHL even though he’s proven he’s ready for the NHL, just because there’s no room for him.  Especially if just one of Bertuzzi or Alfredsson is brought back (I’d prefer Alfredsson).





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