Game Thread: Kings at Red Wings – 1/18

Open Game Thread

Los Angeles Kings at Detroit Red Wings
January 18, 2014 – 7:00 PM

9 thoughts on “Game Thread: Kings at Red Wings – 1/18”

  1. I was all set to write something about how you can say all you want about how the Wings have been owed a break or a bounce or whatever, but, holy shit, the absolute mess in the Vancouver/Calgary game has been distracting. ¬†Who cares about a puck off the netting for a goal when you’ve got coaches trying to get into opposition dressing rooms and 100 PIM in the first two seconds of a game?

  2. I really like how aggressive the rookies are on the pk, how they don’t stand around waiting for the opposition to shoot….now if we could score, I have some confidence that they could hold the lead….

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