Game Thread: Flyers at Red Wings – 12/4

Open Game Thread

Philadelphia Flyers at Detroit Red Wings
December 4, 2013 – 8:00 PM

10 thoughts on “Game Thread: Flyers at Red Wings – 12/4”

  1. Hartnell bumps Nyquist on the way to the bench during the stoppage proving he’s tough.

  2. Maybe it’s just because I don’t have the opportunity to watch too many games nowadays, but it seems like the Wings are scoring a lot more from that point. No complaints though, that was a beaut.

  3. Cannot say enough about the contributions of the newly minted Wings….

    Agreed!! The whole attitude of the team has changed, their play now looks like they actually want to be out there again this season.

  4. On the other hand, young guys may not be enuf to compensate for the loss of Z and Datzyk….could be hard to watch for the next few weeks…..Sometimes I think that when a team like the Flyers starts to take liberties, the Wings back off (and wisely so, perhaps)…cannot afford more injuries, and it’s a GAME, not worth risking your brain, maybe their thinking….

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