Game Thread: Red Wings at Islanders – 11/16

Open Game Thread

Detroit Red Wings at New York Islanders
November 16, 2013 – 7:00 PM

15 thoughts on “Game Thread: Red Wings at Islanders – 11/16”

  1. Daniels emphatically says “That’s offside.” Like he’s yelling it at the refs to make sure they get the call right.

  2. Well, for once the shootout got it right, the Wings sure as hell didn’t deserve to win this game.

  3. No game recap from me tonight, I’m tired of talking about shootout losses.  A couple quick notes though:


    1 – Detroit’s second line is finally scoring.  Funny, since it’s not the second line they started the season with.  Both Weiss and Alfredsson are out and suddenly Franzen is playing well.  Have to wonder if it’s just that he woke up or if there’s a chemistry issue.


    2 – Glendening has been solid in all of his call-ups but I’m very curious as to why a center got the nod when a winger was hurt.  What’s it going to take for Tomas Jurco to get a look at the NHL level?


    3 – The Red Wings didn’t deserve to win this one.  Would have been absolute robbery to have gotten two points.


    4 – As I Tweeted, the Wings have one shootout goal on twelve shots this season.  That’s the worst shootout shooting percentage of teams that have at least one goal.


    5 – I’m not disappointed that there’s a couple days until the next game.

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