Game Thread: Wild at Red Wings – 1/25

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Minnesota Wild at Detroit Red Wings
January 25, 2013 – 7:30 PM

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  1. Following two days off after a home opener loss to the Dallas Stars, the Red Wings are back at it tonight hosting the Minnesota Wild.


    Returning from injury for the Wings are Todd Bertuzzi, Darren Helm and Jakub Kindl.  Patrick Eaves will be a healthy scratch to make room for the returning forwards, as Gustav Nyquist has already been returned to the Grand Rapids Griffins.  Ian White’s injury in the Dallas game makes room for Kindl.


    Per the Red Wings’ Bill Roose, the lines will be as follows…


    Brunner – Zetterberg – Franzen

    Bertuzzi – Filppula – Datsyuk

    Abdelkader – Helm – Cleary

    Miller – Emmerton – Tootoo


    Kronwall – Lashoff

    Quincey – Smith

    Huskins – Kindl




    This will be the first visit of the season for the Wild and free-agent additions Zach Parise and Ryan Suter.  Depending on who you believe, either the Wings were right in it until the end in vying for their services last summer or never had a chance because they had decided to go to Minnesota together.


    Game time is 7:30 on FSD+.

  2. Mickey saw that one-timer attempt coming and so did the Wild.  Telegraphed the whole way.
  3. Because they can’t shoot the puck! This reminds me of the 2002 season when fans were yelling “shoot the puck!”

  4. They have to win tonight. With the shortened season you can’t afford to fall behind more than six point otherwise, your screwed.

  5. This is the first game I’ve been able to catch. I thought it was hard when Stevie Y left… Watching a game without number 5 and 96 really sucks!!! It really feels like a major part is missing… So weird…

  6. Zetterberg from no angle, off the Wild defender, in.  Right after killing a penalty.  Damn, that’s nice.

  7. Six-goal period is a little nuts but given how offense-starved the Wings have been, I’ll take it.

  8. My god, this team doesn’t look anything like the one from the first three games.
  9. I wanted to step away from the game for a second before putting together my final thoughts on the Red Wings’ 5-3 win over Minnesota tonight.


    With how poorly the Red Wings had played in their first three games (even the win over Columbus), it’s easy to look at any win as a giant leap forward, a righting of the ship.  It’s important to remember that it’s just one game.  It is a step forward, however.


    It was fantastic to see the power play clicking.  Two goals after going scoreless in the first three games is a pretty big deal.


    More important is who was scoring.  Before tonight, the Red Wings’ top six forwards accounted for two goals.  Yeah, it was half of the team’s overall output, but that just shows how bad the team was.  Tonight all five goals were by the top two lines.  Brunner, Bertuzzi (twice), Zetterberg and Datsyuk.


    And it’s not just the actual goal scoring.  Datsyuk had quite the night, with a pair of really nice assists to Zetterberg and Bertuzzi.


    Even Kyle Quincey, dedicated whipping boy, came out of it looking good with a +2 on the night.


    That said, there were some downsides.  As I said on Twitter at the time, the Wings’ first power play was horrible.  Mickey Redmond called a play just before it happened and the Wild saw just what he did, breaking it up.  You can’t telegraph your moves like that.


    Taking that many penalties in general was bad.  Eight power plays for the Wild.  That’s putting a lot on your PK.  Tonight the PK was awesome, so it worked, but that won’t be the case every night.  And how much of the PK’s success was based on the return of Darren Helm to the lineup?


    Overall it’s a win, and wins are great.  Lets see if it can become a trend.

  10. Why DirecTV not showing the game on fsn +…?

    Apparently it was broken, should be back.

  11. Huge opportunity early with the long five-on-three coming.  Bet they lose the opening draw.

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